5 Casual Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


It can be a challenge to find the perfect gift for your dad on Father’s Day or any holiday for that matter. Typically, father’s have everything they want and need and if they don’t have something, they will likely buy it for themselves. This can make purchasing a gift for your dad extra hard and can cause some anxiety when the holidays come around. This article will help you identify some unique gifts that you can get your dad that he would not purchase for himself.

  1. Beer hamper. It is likely that your dad loves to sit in front of the television and enjoy a good beer. Maybe he likes to sit out on the porch and enjoy a beer or work in the garage while drinking a beer. Drinking a beer can typically “take the edge off” or allow dad to relax after a long day at work. Purchasing a beer hamper from Under Fine Wraps would certainly catch your dad by surprise and give him a big smile on his face. Make it sweeter by getting his favorite beer or a new flavor that he has been wanting to try. Don’t forget to throw in a few snacks too! If you dad is fond of beer and other liquor, why not throw a small beer party and make him the chief-guest! He will love it. But in case you live away from your dad, you can either conduct one or invite him to one of the newer trends in beer tasting, the increasingly popular virtual beer tasting events for good company.
  2. Tickets to his favorite sporting event. While this can get expensive, your dad would surely never expect to receive tickets to a sporting event. If your dad loves football or rugby, perhaps look into where his favorite team is playing and see if you can get tickets. If you can, ask your friends and family members who typically buy your dad a gift for the holiday to join you in your purchase. Your dad will certainly be surprised at such a generous and thoughtful gift! Not to mention you will create unforgettable memories with dad at the game! 
  3. Bluetooth Speaker. If your dad enjoys working in the garage or listening to music in the house, consider purchasing him a Bluetooth speaker. This way he can take the speaker with him wherever he goes and he can listen to his music. A nice Bluetooth speaker is great to have however it is not something you would typically purchase for yourself. 
  4. A new gaming system or game. If your dad loves video games but does not often take the time to play games, perhaps purchasing him the new Xbox gaming system or the Nintendo Switch will give him the outlet that he needs to enjoy a favorite pastime. You can get in on the game too which makes it even better! 
  5. Picture frame with a photo of you and him. Your dad will cherish this gift for all of time. It is probably very likely that a photo of you and him in a frame will be his favorite gift and he will put it somewhere that he can view it often. Heartfelt gifts such as this are priceless and while a new video game system, beer hamper, or tickets to a sporting event are all wonderful gifts, a picture frame will touch his heart.

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