5 Best Things to See While Traveling in a New Orleans Bus Party


 When you book a New Orleans Party Bust, it is critical for you to discuss the routes you will take with your driver. It is crucial for the driver and organizers to understand your interests so that the theme of your party can be complemented with places that meet the interests of the party goers. For example, if your guests love geographical features, you may pick a route that makes the adventure even more exciting than an event where the excitement is restricted to just the party buses in New Orleans

A visit to various breweries

A possible inclusion to your New Orleans bus party is a visit to the various breweries in New Orleans. If your guests are taking alcoholic drinks, they will enjoy visiting a brewery. They will learn everything about the production process and get drinks at a subsidized price. This will be even more exciting if the bus party is a BYOB. They will have a great time and also taste different brands of beer based on their palates.

Enjoy the Mardi Gras season

The peak of Mardi Gras takes place between January and February, but the celebration often continues after February. If you would like your guests to enjoy and learn a little bit about New Orleans, you could enjoy a bus party during the Mardi Gras season. You will learn a lot about the New Orleans community, the history of the state and its people, art and so much more.  You should look forward to a fascinating backstreet cultural museum and a parade that will leave you and your guests dancing to the tunes from the band.

Live music

If you want to add more party to your bus party, find some live music. Find out where you will find the kind of music you enjoy and include that to your itinerary. This will serve as an extension of your party without it feeling like the end of one party and the beginning of another. Your guests will love you for considering a break in the fun they have on the bus.

The West Banks and North Shore

If you choose to have a bus party for more than a day, you may want to explore more of New Orleans. When you visit the north, you may choose to go for a ride on the scenic bike trail. You get to enjoy the Tammany trail and you may opt to make this a learning experience by visiting the breweries. There are shops where you can rent bikes. The southern side also has incredible bike trails where you could try the Vietnamese meals if you would like to try out different cuisines.

Enjoy nature during your travel

Environmentalists have warned that coastal erosion has led to the loss of a considerable size of landmass hourly. New Orleans has a swamp and marshland that are at risk. If you have environmentalists among your guests, they may enjoy a visit to these areas. Other possible areas to visit include the Jean Lafitte National Park, Audubon Park, Mississippi River, and Bayou Sauvage Wildlife Refuge.

When organizing a New Orleans bus party, it is critical for you to make this journey as enjoyable as possible. Consider the interests of your guests, budget, and time you have available when including activities that will make the bus party memorable.











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