4 Activities To Do With Your Teen This Summer


Being the parent or legal guardian of a teenager is tough. Teenagers are moody, high strung, and confused. As an adult it is hard to try to connect with teenagers and try to think of things that they would be interested in. It is important for parents to come down to their teens level and enjoy doing what they like to do with them. Its important to figure out what is important to them and care about it with them. One thing to remember is that your teen is not going to enjoy anything with you if you don’t have a good relationship with them. You need to first build a good foundation to your relationship. Maybe you can find an activity that you both enjoy that will aid in that relationship building process. Ultimately you should just ask you teenager what they like to do. In the mean time here are a few ideas that most teenagers will really enjoy doing.

1. Theme Park

Most teenagers love theme parks! At this age they are old enough to do all of the rides but still young enough to have tons of energy and not get tired. Places like Six Flags and large water parks are perfect places to have fun with your teen. This would even be a great opportunity to invite one of your teen’s friends along and get to know them better as well.

2. Movies

Teenagers love movies! One thing you have to remember though is that they are probably not going to want to watch the kind of movies you prefer. This is going to be a time where you will have to put your personal preferences aside. This will be great because after the movie you two will have tons to talk about discussing the movie.

3. Sporting Events

This mostly applies to boys but some girls might be interested as well. A sporting event would be a perfect opportunity for a dad to connect with his teen. Figure out what sport and team your teen like the most and surprise them with tickets! Sporting events are a great way to connect with people in general and an even better place to connect with your teen. It will be an experience you will never forget.

4. Concerts

If your teen loves music (which most do) then taking them to a concert of one of their favorite bands will turn you into a hero. This might be another one of those times where you have to step out of your comfort zone a little bit but I promise it will be worth it when you see how happy your teen is and how much closer it brings you two.

Teens are a challenge but such a joy. It is incredible to think they used to be little babies and now they are all grown up and about to be adults. Even thought they are more independent they still need you to protect and guide them. They might not always see eye to eye with you but you ultimately know that is best for them. If your teen will be spending some time alone at home this summer a great way to make sure they are safe is by getting a top of the line home security system. I found a company called Smith Monitoring that offers some of the absolute best features. Smith Monitoring specialize in Spring home security and The Colony home security.  They will install security cameras into your home that you can view a live feed of on your smart phone or PC at anytime. This way you can check in on your teen with out hovering too much.

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