5 Benefits of Gender-Neutral Names


Are you shocked that over 140 million babies are born around the world each year?

If you’re an expecting parent, then you might feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done before your bundle of joy joins the family. From setting up the nursery to taking birthing classes and beyond, it’s understandable if you’re nervous.

One of the most exciting chores expecting parents can tackle is coming up with a name. Keep reading this article so you can learn 5 reasons why you should start considering gender-neutral names for your child.

1. Coming Up With Gender-Neutral Name Ideas Is Easier

Even though reading books on baby name ideas can be fun, they can also make your head spin. Since there are thousands of names out there, many parents don’t know where to start.

If you’re thinking about baby names before you know the sex of your child, then you’ll have to pick both boy and girl options. The beauty of gender-neutral names is that you only have to find one that’s suitable for either sex.

2. Your Baby Can Grow Up Feeling Confident

There are plenty of kids who feel like their body doesn’t align with their true identity. Whether your child identifies as non-binary or trans, having a gender-neutral name gives them the choice to keep their birth name or choose a new one.

Choosing a gendered name can make your child feel alienated if their gender and sex aren’t in harmony.

3. Gender Neutral Names Could Give Your Child More Opportunities

A sad fact is that women are still heavily discriminated against in the workforce and the world at large. Whether your child is applying for colleges or trying to start their career, women have a much harder time getting fair opportunities.

Gender-neutral names protect your child’s identity and force others to judge their applications instead of their sex.

4. You Can Choose Unique or Common Names

Each parent has their own preference when it comes to the uniqueness of their children’s names. Some parents want their children to fit in while others want their children to feel special.

If you need help coming up with gender-neutral name ideas that fall on either side of this spectrum, you can click for more inspiration.

5. Gender Neutral Baby Names Create a Welcoming Society

Kids love to know the origin of their names and hear any other options you were considering before making a final decision. This conversation can open the door to a meaningful discussion about gender and society.

It’s important for everyone to educate themselves on the constructs of gender and what we can do to make everyone from all walks of life feel comfortable.

Every Expecting Parent Should Consider Gender Neutral Names

Gender-neutral names are beautiful and come with lots of benefits. If you want to set your child on the path of love and success, then you can’t go wrong with a gender-neutral name.

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