5 Basic Tips for Sending Sympathy Flowers


Have you had a friend say goodbye to a loved one recently?

Sending sympathy flowers is one of the best ways to extend your condolences. A beautiful arrangement can provide enough comfort for families in grieving. It also helps those left behind to honor the memories of the one who passed.

However, it’s crucial to follow the proper flower etiquette. In this article, we discuss some tips on how to send flowers for bereavement. Read on for some tips on sending sympathy flowers.

1. Funeral vs. Sympathy Flowers

It’s crucial to know the difference between sending sympathy flowers and funeral flowers. People only send funeral flowers for the cremation or funeral of the deceased. Sympathy flowers are for the relatives or friends of those who passed.

Funeral flowers are often arranged or ordered by close family members of the deceased. On the other hand, anyone can send sympathy flowers. Thus, it’s crucial to choose the right size when sending sympathy flower arrangements.

Big flowers can be too hard or too much of a hassle to transport. It’s also best that they don’t attract too much unnecessary attention.

2. What to Put in a Sympathy Card

If you can’t make it to the funeral, sending sympathy flowers won’t be enough. An extravagant and beautiful arrangement can’t replace your presence. Ensure to include a sympathy card along with your flower arrangement.

Here are some personal message ideas:

  • I’m so sorry for your loss
  • Wishing you peace and comfort during these difficult times
  • I’m praying for you
  • I hope you feel the love surrounding you during these times

Feel free to add your own twist or share a small experience or memory with the deceased. A handwritten note feels more genuine and offers more comfort than a printed card.

3. Schedule Your Delivery

Timing is crucial when sending sympathy flowers to a grieving family. Avoid sending flowers long after the funeral service. This can bring back bad memories for a family that has already started to move on.

If the funeral or cremation was recent, sympathy flowers could be a welcome source of comfort. It helps you let loved ones know that they aren’t alone and that they’re in your thoughts. Check out www.phillips-flowers.com to find local and nationwide flower deliveries.

4. Mind the Culture

It’s crucial to remember that not all cultures may share the same practices. If the recipients of the flowers follow a certain practice, it’s best to do some research first. Buddhists, Catholics, and Protestant Christians accept flower arrangements.

When sending flowers to a Mormon family, ensure not to include a cross or crucifix. Asian cultures, Greek Orthodox, and Buddhists prefer receiving white flowers. Jewish families only accept flowers sent to their homes.

Hindus may prefer garlands instead of flowers. If the family is Muslim, ask what is appropriate. They prefer a donation instead of a family arrangement.

5. What Flowers to Send

Flowers have different connotations, so it’s best to choose what’s appropriate for bereavement. The most common flowers used for bereavement are carnations, roses, and lilies. If you wish to create something special, consult with your florist for the best types of flowers.

Guide to Sending Sympathy Flowers

Here are some things you need to know before sending sympathy flowers. Use this guide to help a loved one feel more at ease during their time of loss.

Thank you for reading our article. Want to know more ways to offer your support while someone is grieving? Check out our other blog posts.

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