4 Ways To Create A More Chilled Out Garden


Your garden can always be more relaxing. Considering the events of the past couple of months, it makes sense to create an environment that allows you to decompress. Who knew that lockdown could be so stressful and full of tension?!

When you need a place to chill out, your outdoor space should be the first area that springs to mind. If it isn’t, the odds are high that it isn’t equipped for a glass of wine and a good book or watching the sunset over the horizon.

Thankfully, it’s not tough to create an atmosphere that will reduce your cortisol levels and relieve your anxiety. Keep reading to find out more.

Pick Smelly Plants

The first thing you notice when a flower blooms is the beautiful colors. However, there’s more to a plant than the aesthetics. An incredible by-product of most flowers is the scent they give off. The main ones are lavender or jasmine, but you can also opt for rosemary or garlic. Yes, some people find the latter smell warm and comforting! Walking into your garden and inhaling the various scents will instantly put you at ease because the sweet odors are welcoming. A great tip is to use smells that stimulate fond memories.

Invest In Quality Furniture

Often, homeowners opt for outdoor fixtures that have more style than substance. Rattan garden furniture is the perfect example. Although it stands out and acts as a focal point, it isn’t the coziest of places to sit and relax. Usually, the hard material takes its toll on the butt and back, forcing you to stand up and move around after a short period. If this is the case with you, it’s essential to spend more money on furniture you enjoy. Sure, you can have an indoor fabric sofa outside if that’s what you prefer, yet you may need an overhead ceiling to keep it dry.

Build A Self-Care Space

Sitting outside is nice in the summer, but what happens when the weather turns? You are forced inside, and that’s when things get unhealthy. Spending the majority of your day indoors will encourage negative thoughts, which is why you need a summer house. That way, you can enjoy the outdoors without looking like a drowned rat afterward! Plus, it’s an excellent place to retreat if you need to homeschool the kids during the lockdown. Make sure it has plenty of light and is warm.

Create Shade 

On the flip side, you shouldn’t sit and roast under the sun when the mercury skyrockets. You may assume that you’re a sun baby, yet the reality is your skin can only take so much light. After it hits its threshold, it starts to dry out and burn. And, let’s face it – sweating in the garden isn’t very relaxing! Creating shade is straightforward, depending on your budget. Some people prefer a canopy, yet if that’s too expensive, you can try a table and chairs combo with a parasol.

Organized property owners even go as far as planting a tree for a natural and eco-friendly solution.

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