4 Traditional and Effective Ways to Cure Your Hangover


Hangovers are dreadful experiences. Thanks to a skull-splitting headache, everything is too loud and too bright. You’re starving yet too nauseated to eat and trying desperately to battle a mouth full of cotton that doesn’t even exist. To make matters worse, you have to suffer through knowing this is a willingly self-inflicted situation.

While it may seem as though there’s no end to the misery, some measures can help ease the symptoms to an extent. These hangover products and time-tested home remedies may just make the day after a drinking binge a little more bearable.

1) Eat a Banana

Alcohol causes dehydration. As essential fluid leaves the body, it takes potassium and other electrolytes along with it. Bananas are rich in potassium as well as other nutrients, so they help restore balance and may ease the headache and fatigue. They also contain vitamin b6, another compound said to ease hangover symptoms. Some have found bananas to be effective against heartburn and upset stomach as well.

Alternatively, taking a multivitamin might help. They digest more slowly, though, so they might take longer to have an impact. They can also cause stomach upset in some people. If you’re already ailing, they might be a little more difficult to manage than a soft, sweet banana.

2) Drink Plenty of Fluids

As mentioned, dehydration is the root of all evil when it comes to a hangover. Drinking water brings your internal fluid levels back up to par. Add other fluids to the mix as well. Beverages containing vitamins and electrolytes, like sports drinks and fruit juices, are especially beneficial. Ginger ale is known to help settle the stomach. If you can handle beef or chicken broth, that’ll help too.

Be sure to start off with small, slow sips and work up from there if you’re feeling particularly queasy. Otherwise, matters could get a lot worse before they begin to ease off.

3) Have Breakfast

When caught in the throes of a hangover, the last thing you want to do is eat. As fate would have it, though, forcing down a small meal could be the best course of action. Some helpful options might be:

  • Toast and oatmeal
  • Soup and crackers
  • Gelatin and fruit
  • Cooked pasta without sauce

Food may not be particularly appealing at the time, but it’ll help replace nutrients and combat the lingering effects of the alcohol in your system.

4) Hair of the Dog

Short for “hair of the dog that bit you”, this remedy involves taking in a little more alcohol to ease the effects of the hangover. This doesn’t mean drinking a much as you might have the night before, but maybe a beer or a stiff shot. Opinions vary on its effectiveness, but some swear by it. Keep in mind, this isn’t the way to go if you have to leave the comforts of home any time soon.

All in All

Though some say time is the only true cure for a hangover, waiting also happens to be the hardest part. These solutions may help speed up recovery after a night of heavy drinking and at least give you the satisfaction of being proactive in the process. Most importantly, as you’re holding your head and chanting the “never again” mantra, take things slowly and get as much rest as possible.

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