4 Signs You Should Get Your Roof Replaced!


Unless you are in the architectural industry, it is probably fair to say that you do not often think about your roof as long as it is working as it should. With so much going on in our lives at any given point, it should be universally understood that unless something is broken and yelling to be fixed, we will just go on about our day.

While this is a good rule of thumb, there will be some tell-tale signs that you can spot when it comes to your roof before you are put in an urgent position.

This piece will let you know when you need to pay more attention to the roof over your head!

Check the Attic

You might feel inclined to go outside and straight up onto the roof to see how it is doing, but the best place to check the health of your roof is actually in the attic. The attic is the direct space below the roof and probably the room you visit least in the house unless it has been converted, so it can be easy for changes to go unnoticed. Get up there and have a look around. Are there any damp patches? Is there any light creeping in from places there should not be? Are there obvious stains that feel dry? These can all be telltale signs that there might be a leak or some cracks in the roof.

Check your Tiles

For those who are brave enough to make their way onto the roof, this could very well be the next step which can help you assess whether your roof needs some repairs or not. Make sure your tiles or shingles are all lying flat against your roof, especially if there has been a storm or some other extreme weather that could have dislodged or broken them. The sooner repairs are done, the sooner the roof can be saved!

For those who have flat roofs that you can go out on, though it’s more commonly found as commercial flat roofing, any damage can have catastrophic outcomes as it can loosen the panels and compromise the entire structure, so make sure to check those thoroughly too.

Roof Mold

Roof moss or mold could be another indicator that your roof is having some problems! It usually means there is some trapped moisture somewhere, which can not only ruin a roof but can cause other problems if it gets into the house.

It is easy to remove moss by using a sturdy brush, but make sure to address the issues that might be causing it. If there is mold inside the house, that is also easily treatable.

Droopy Roof?

Another sign that your roof might need an intervention is its position. Roofs that are suffering from water damage will often sag and droop which will be apparent in its appearance usually at the lowest point of the roof. Any marks on the surface, along with the drooping, might just confirm that your roof has a moisture problem that needs to be addressed.


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3 years ago

I tried to learn it, you share it great, thanks for the article.

fireboy and watergirl
3 years ago

4 signs you share very well. I will note these signs. Thanks for sharing.