4 Materials That Will Insulate Your Home


Home insulation is particularly important when you live in the Northern Hemisphere. These 4 materials will help you winterproof your home, keeping your family warm and dry.

Insulating your home is a necessity. Whether you live in a cold country or whether you stay in a windy valley, keeping your insulation up to date can keep you warmer and save you money on utility bills. There are certain materials that you can use for insulation, and certain materials that you shouldn’t use. Here are the details on four different safe insulation materials to start with.

The Four Materials that Make Great Home Insulation

There are many materials you could use as insulation. For example, draughty castles used meter-thick walls with thick woolen tapestries as insulation. Here are four more modern insulation types to use in your own home.

1 – Foam Sheets of Insulation

Insulation that comes in the form of foam sheets is made from neoprene. This is a long-lasting material which does not corrode in sunlight. It is a man-made material, usually coming in large sheets you can cut to size.

Each type of insulation has an R value. The R Value relates to how much heat your insulation keeps in and how much cold air it keeps out. If you use neoprene sheets for insulation, your R Value is 2.2 per half inch, 200 weight sheets. This material can stand up to 275-degree heat. It’s lightweight, water resistant, and easy to install.

2 – Fiberglass Insulation

An all-time favorite of insulation, fiberglass is also man made. Very thin strands of molten glass are laid over each other in sheets. The tangled fibers block out wind and keep in the heat. This material comes in batts, large sections, or rolls. You can cut it to sizes, but you must wear respiration equipment when you work with it. 

The R Value of fiberglass is 0.44 per inch. Far less than neoprene. You can also buy a wood fiber material of a similar nature, which has an R Value of 0.63-0.67 per inch.

3 – Polyurethane Insulation

Builders often use polyurethane insulation because it is the best insulation possible. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive. This is the type of insulation you spray in as foam. Since it contains numerous chemicals which you oughtn’t to breathe in, it must be sprayed on by a professional with a certificate to use it. 

Polyurethane foam has an R Value of between 5.6 and 8.0. If you can afford it, this will keep the coldest air out. 

4 – Cotton Batts

If you cannot afford foams, fiberglass, or sheets, cotton batts are a cost-effective solution. With an R-value of between 3 and 3.7, cotton batts are cheaper but don’t last long. IF you need to winterize for a single winter, this might be efficient. Expecting it to last longer is not a great idea. Cotton gets wet and starts to rot. However, it’s better than nothing in a pinch.

Which Insulation Type is Right for You?

You can tell which insulation type is right for you, examine the space. Easier to reach areas could use neoprene or batts of fiberglass, while harder to reach areas respond better to foam. Whatever you decide, your

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1 year ago

The house can lose heat not only through poorly insulated walls but also through low-quality windows. To avoid heat loss, consider installing steel windows. Steel is a good material option for windows because it’s durable and highly energy-efficient. Some steel doors even have non-conductive frame material in addition to double glazing, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Happy Hiller
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing such valuable information!
I also want to share an article that includes 12 steps to insulating your home that can help keep you cozy during cold winter days: https://happyhiller.com/blog/ideas-on-insulating-your-home-this-winter/.

Service Today
1 year ago

When it comes to insulation, many people forget such a thing as water heater insulation. Please don’t neglect this!
Insulating your water heater can improve energy efficiency and result in some monthly savings. In fact, Energy.gov estimates you could save as much as 16% in water heating costs, and many pre-cut insulating materials aren’t more than $20.

Black Pest
10 months ago

Excellent article! Insulating your home is vital for energy efficiency and comfort. When considering materials, it’s essential to prioritize those that are not only effective insulators but also resistant to pests. Pests can cause significant damage to insulation, compromising its effectiveness and potentially creating entry points into your home.
Opting for pest-resistant materials ensures long-lasting insulation and helps protect your home from pests.

Gervais Mechanical
9 months ago

Also, remember to insulate the pipes properly to ensure that heated water doesn’t cool as it travels to the fixtures, cutting down on unnecessary heating costs. This will improve the home’s energy efficiency.

For most uses, fiberglass or foam (polyethylene/polyurethane) are good choices for pipe insulation. If you need to handle higher temperatures, go for mineral wool or elastomeric foam. For extreme temperature situations, use cellular glass. Just consider what you need, the temperature range, pipe size, moisture, and fire safety when making your choice.