4 Important Parenting Questions: Answered


Parents are often filled with questions that have one too many answers. You want to be sure you’re doing right by your child and giving them the best possible. This can apply to things as small as the tissue they use to something as huge as what college they end up attending. Whatever the case, it stands to reason that getting as much knowledge as possible should help you make an informed decision that’s best for you. Among the millions, if not billions, of parenting questions out there, here are a few tops ones alongside answers that could be helpful for you.

1.   How do you get enough sleep?

Sleep deprivation can be one of the toughest parts about having a newborn. If it persists, you may begin battling with mood swings, depression, and also exhaustion. To get the sleep you need, try and get shut-eye when your baby sleeps as opposed to cleaning, cooking and doing things that can wait. Avoiding sharing a bed with your little one as any sound could disturb your sleep. Don’t be afraid to turn down social invites and sleep instead as well.

2.   What items do you need for a newborn?

This is a common question that every new parent probably panics over. If you asked several moms, you’d find each has a different list, but there are common items on each. This is because some parents may find certain items more useful than others. Here are a few basics below.

  • Diapers: With a newborn, you’re going to need a lot of diapers to change your baby anytime they have to go! If you want to help the environment and don’t like the idea of going through tons of nappies, you could try BumGenius Cloth Diapers as you can easily wash and reuse them. Alongside diapers, you may also want a baby changing mat, diaper bags, a diaper bin, and diaper cream too.
  • Baby wipes: To help clean your baby up quickly, wipes will be another necessity. You could choose to make your own or resolve to use wash clothes. Make them at home so that they’re chemical free is possible too.
  • Bed: Your baby needs somewhere to sleep as it isn’t advisable that they sleep with you when young. You could opt to get either a Moses basket or a cot depending on your preference. Remember: they’ll likely outgrow the Moses basket within a few months.
  • Bottles: To give your baby food, you’re going to need a number of bottles. You could get a sterilizer to ensure the bottles don’t have harmful germs that could hurt your baby or sterilize your bottles on your own instead. Remember to get different teethers so that as they get older, you can change them and make sucking from the bottle easier.
  • Push Chair: To get your baby around when you’re out, you’ll need transportation. Consider a pushchair that they’ll be comfortable in as well as a car seat for whenever you’re getting around in a car.
  • Clothing: Don’t go overboard on the clothes as babies grow quicker than you think. You should buy enough so that you don’t have to do laundry every day. Include other items like bibs and weather appropriate clothing too.

3.   Should you breastfeed?

The debate about breastfeeding is one that’s ongoing, and there’s no definitive answer. Although it’s encouraged, at the end of the day, you as a mother have the right to decide what’s best for both you and your child. Breastfeeding can be beneficial to your child as they get the right balance of nutrients they need from you. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with giving your baby formula if that’s your choice as they can also get the nutrients they need that way.

4.   How do you keep your baby healthy?

All that parents want is to ensure their child is happy and healthy. The truth is that your newborn has fewer needs than you think they do, so focus on keeping yourself healthy and showering them with love. Most of what they’ll do is eat, sleep and stare at you anyway. Generally, you can pay attention to sanitation, get them vaccinations, ensure their poop is okay, and respond to their food needs.

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