3 things to do during a New York layover


Depending on how long your layover is, it may feel like forever if you have nothing to do during that time. The whole traveling experience might be exciting, but it doesn’t have to feel like you are waiting hours on end for before proceeding with the journey. New York is a big city, and there are lots of stuff you can do during a layover to make it fun for you and whoever you are travelling with. Below are some of these things that you can indulge in during a layover. 

Go for shopping

You can never go wrong with shopping during a layover. Shopping can be fun, unless you really hate going shopping. What’s more, it is a great way to sightsee New York especially if you have never been to the city before. For shopping lovers, you will find countless malls and shops where you can get high quality clothes, shoes, make up, home decor items and other knick knacks that you can carry back home. While you’re out shopping, you have the option to utilize Nannybag New York bag storage service. Rather than lugging around your bags, you can place them with our partners for a few hours and continue to enjoy the remainder of your day. So, whether you want designer stuff or you want to go for a small thrift haul, then you could never run out of such places in New York.  

Explore New York City

Another great activity you can do while on a layover in New York is touring the city. It is one of the most beautiful states endowed with modern towering architecture and people from all walks of life. Tour the city and make new friends, take pictures and simply enjoy the aesthetics of New York. Even better, you can always stop by one of the countless restaurants where you can indulge in different delectable cuisines when you get hungry. If your layover is up until the following day, don’t hesitate to also enjoy the city’s nightlife. And you don’t have to worry about walking around with your heavy belongings, you can always find a good service for luggage storage in New York. Also, don’t forget to head over to Times Square, which is a major tourist hub in New York.

Rest and relax

Sometimes all you need is a good sleep and some rest. This could help especially if you are feeling jet-lagged or if you just want to rest before heading to your next destination. Maybe you will have plenty of activities to do once you get to your destination, and you want to save all your energies for that. You will find great hotel rooms in the city, or you can always find cozy resting areas at the airport. 

Your layover doesn’t have to be a boring one, especially if in New York. The city has a lot to offer that you can do to make your layover interesting, and probably end up feeling like it was short-lived. Whether you are traveling alone, with family, or a friend, there is always something for you. Ensure to plan your time well so that you don’t over-indulge or end up completely messing up your schedule.  

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