3 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes Your Kids Will Love


Getting your children to eat breakfast is no easy feat, however, it is the most important meal of the day, so you need to make sure they do. Ensuring they eat a healthy breakfast can seem even more impossible.

But with these excellent healthy breakfast recipes, you don’t need to worry about getting them to eat breakfast, as they’ll be sure to love these delicious treats that will set them up for the day ahead.

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Many studies have been conducted on the effects of eating breakfast has on children, with some finding that it can have positive effects on children’s learning in terms of behavior, cognitive, and school performance.

If you want your child or children to start their days right, then try out some of these healthy and quick recipes.

  1. Quick Breakfast Buns

For children who have a sweet tooth, you should make them these quick breakfast buns. These tasty treats take 30 minutes to prepare and cook. They are loaded with toasted nuts and marmalade, which will help to keep your child’s energy levels up for the day.

  1. Bacon and Egg Cups

Bacon and egg cups are a great solution to ensuring your children get their protein and feel full. This recipe only takes 20 minutes to make and uses simple ingredients, making it the ideal recipe for a busy morning.

  1. Sheet Pancake with Blueberry Syrup

Ideal for large families, this sheet pancake with blueberry syrup recipe has 12 servings. Pancakes always go down a treat with children and the blueberry syrup helps to keep this breakfast meal fresh and light. Why not add some extra blueberries on the side too?

Tips to Make Breakfast Easier and More Enjoyable

One tip to make breakfast easier and more enjoyable is to have the right equipment. If you have a larger family, you might want to consider getting a bigger toaster, as these can help to speed up the process of making breakfast for the whole family and means you can all sit down together.

Another tip you might want to implement is to organize your kitchen and prepare your recipes the night before. Organizing your kitchen and preparing your recipes can help save you a lot of time in the morning, which is very useful if you’re a family who likes to rush around at the last minute.

And finally, another tip to help make breakfast more enjoyable is to get your little ones involved with the breakfast-making process. They’ll love helping out mum and dad and it will also make it easier for you and save you time on the little tasks.

There’s really nothing quite like having happy tummies and happy kids. So, now that breakfast is sorted, try out these healthy lunch ideas that your little ones will love.

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