3 Fat Burning Ingredients That Help Speed Up Metabolism


Losing weight and the topic of fitness go hand in hand. If you experience challenges with burning fat due to having a slow metabolism, you should consider incorporating metabolism boosters into your diet. The boosters increase the rate at which you burn body fat and reduce the speed of fat absorption. There are various fat-burning ingredients, but not all of them work the same way for everyone. Identifying your body type is necessary to enable you to buy the right weight loss boosters. Even then, you must ensure that you get enough sleep, reduce stress, and work out consistently while on a healthy diet. Here are three key ingredients that you can consider to help you burn that stubborn fat in your body.


Caffeine is commonly known for enhancing energy and mood and boosting metabolism. You can find this ingredient in various plants, including green tea, cocoa beans, and coffee. Taking at least a cup of coffee every day can significantly boost your metabolism and help burn fat as fuel in your body. This effect, however, is more prevalent in those with less weight. It may fail to work as well in individuals with excess weight or those that are obese. Worry not, though. You can find supplements containing caffeine and combine their intake with a managed diet as you continue your exercise program. Losing weight is never a one-time event. You will need to do this over time and with disciplined consistency. Keep in mind, though, that excess caffeine can also be harmful to your health and detrimental to your weight loss journey. If you consume this ingredient in excess, you might find it hard to sleep, which is vital in losing weight. It follows then that you must take caffeine in moderation or as your nutritionist recommends.

Increased Protein Intake

Taking more protein-rich foods might appear counterproductive when losing weight, but it is an effective way of maintaining your body fat to manageable levels. A high-protein diet balanced with controlled calorie intake from other nutrients gives a feeling of fullness for longer, preventing your body from demanding extra fuel. Studies show that you are more likely to overeat carbohydrates than you could any other nutrient. In addition to eating less, proteins spur up your muscle growth giving you more strength and energy to engage in more vigorous exercises. The more engaging your workouts are, the higher your metabolism and the more you burn fat and maintain a healthy weight.

Additionally, proteins play a critical role in enabling thermogenesis, which stimulates your body to burn more calories to produce the energy required to digest food. This activity is also an extension of the metabolism of the fat-burning process. Having enough protein in your body means that it would have enough reserves to enable this process to happen successfully.

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Further, your body requires more energy to burn foods rich in proteins. Preferably, you should consume more of it to stir up your system’s metabolism in a bid to break down the protein nutrient. If you wish to lose weight faster, you can boost your metabolism by taking more proteins than you do starch and fats. An added benefit is that the proteins will help build and strengthen your muscles. The stronger your muscles, the more vigorous the exercises you can perform.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is an excellent ingredient for stimulating your metabolism. This nutrient contains polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCGH, as well as caffeine. These two constituents of green tea work together to catalyze thermogenesis, a process that enables your body to burn calories to generate energy and heat. Studies show that consumption of this extract helped overweight individuals to burn 16% more fat than those using its placebo. In another study, researchers found that a combination of caffeine and green tea helped participants burn 20 more calories than those using a placebo. Keep in mind, though, that bodies react differently. That means you should include it in your diet first, then monitor your progress in relation to your body.

Studies show that green tea is a great ingredient to stimulate not only your metabolism but also your mood and energy. It would help if you considered taking at least a cup or two of green tea to aid digestion, preferably with your meals. Excess consumption might be harmful, so take it in moderation. You can get this ingredient from natural green tea or processed capsules. Both are safer than generic fat burners since they are natural.

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