3 Essential Art Supplies Every Sydney Painter Needs


It can be argued that the most important tool an artist needs is his imagination. However, a vivid imagination can only do so much if the right tools don’t support it. That’s why Sydney artists spend so much time and effort searching for the most important art supplies on the market. Without these supplies, an artist is only a dreamer. Your goal, as a 21st century Australian painter, is to do more than dream. You want to act. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 3 essential art supplies every Sydney artist needs in order to succeed creatively and financially.

Essential Art Supplies Every Painter Needs

  1. Canvas. As an Australian painter, one of the first supplies you know you’ll need is a canvas. Of course you have so many options to choose from here. Should you get cotton duck canvas rolls? Or perhaps you’re better off with Belgian and Italian linen rolls? Of course, these options require you to do some stretching on your own to get the right fit for your canvas. But you shouldn’t have to be an expert at priming and stretching canvas if you don’t want to be. That’s why it’s also worth your while to look into custom stretched canvases, which will help you get to what matters most: your art.
  2. Art Easels. Painting easels allow you to tilt your painting to look at your work from a different angle. Easels also allow you to step back away from your work and view it without disturbing the canvas. That’s why every painter in Australia swears by art easels. Be sure to find an easel that’s easy to adjust so it doesn’t slow down your creative efforts. The perfect easel will feature a ratchet or crank mechanism that allows you to adjust the canvas height in seconds.
  3. Brush Cleaners and Restorers. What good is your work if it’s imperfect due to poor brushes? Since the dawn of painting, artists have struggled to find a way to keep their brushes clean and ready for future use. These days, however, we benefit from hundreds of years of trial and error. You can now find extremely effective brush cleaners, preservers, and restorers, at extremely affordable prices.

Whether you’re a new or veteran painter, it’s important to realize that even if you have the greatest talent in the world, that talent can be left unseen if you don’t have the right type of art supplies. Painters in Sydney rely on The Sydney Canvas Company for their artwork supplies. Learn more by visiting them at https://thesydneycanvascompany.com.au/.


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