3 Business Ideas For Tech-Loving Moms


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Technology is beneficial for companies and individuals alike. It’s no wonder the tech industry is 35% of the global market. Therefore, you can turn your love for technology into a lucrative business venture. Moreover, technology is here to stay; you can have a thriving business as long as you adhere to the principles of entrepreneurship. Fortunately, several tech business ideas are available, and you can choose the option best suited to your preferences and skills. Here are some businesses you can consider starting. 

  • App development

You can consider becoming an app developer if you have the passion and appropriate skills. Indeed, people use apps on their smartphones and other smart devices daily. And businesses develop apps to enhance their customers’ comfort. Therefore, you can relax knowing you won’t go out of business anytime soon. You can start by identifying a need and building an app to solve it. Consequently, you can work for clients who need apps for their businesses. While at it, be sure to leverage tools that help boost your efficiency, such as cloud containers. Therefore you won’t have to worry about implementing hardware since cloud containers aren’t dependent on infrastructure. Additionally, you can benefit from easy app development and scaling, as you can gradually test and expand your apps. 

  • Social media consulting 

Social media has become a multipurpose platform over time. Not only is it used to connect with friends and family, but businesses now use it for marketing their products and services. Statistics indicate that approximately 54% of social media users research products and services on social media before patronizing a brand. For this reason, businesses leverage the services of social media consultants to help them choose the right platforms to market their brands in addition to other marketing strategies. Therefore, you can leverage this opportunity by starting your social media consulting firm. 

However, businesses want to ensure that they are working with credible consultants, making it essential to build your social media marketing skills. For instance, learn how to generate traffic from Instagram and Facebook with Facebook ads. You also want to boost your social media profiles, as clients will examine them before patronizing you. Consequently, gain hands-on experience in other establishments, and build your portfolio to increase your business credibility. 

  • Computer trainer

Although you may be computer-savvy, not others share the same skills. Because computers are necessary tools for work and learning, people would want to learn to operate them conveniently. Therefore, you can earn money while helping others develop their computer skills. Moreover, you can have a broader range of clients or become an authority figure in a specific area. For instance, you can focus on people who want to make the most of their home PCs or help people master software programs like WordPress, Microsoft Office, or Adobe Photoshop. You can also work as a professional trainer for companies that want to build their staff’s computer skills. 

It’s essential to bag a degree in networking, computer science, software engineering, or other related fields to become a computer trainer. You also want to build your teaching skills, so keep this in mind. You’ll find it helpful to improve your communication skills while creating ways to effectively teach your clients, so feel free to consider this. 

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