3 Apps You Need If You Have a Babysitter


Having children can be tough and finding a babysitter can also be difficult. You love and want to protect your kids, so you want the absolute best babysitter you can find. The great thing about the time we live in, is we have so much technology at our fingertips with our smartphones. There are many apps that can be a useful tool to finding babysitters and keeping in touch with them. I’ve made a quick list of apps that I’ve found useful and effective in my quest for a babysitter.

And if you’re reading this and think, “I don’t want a sitter. I don’t want to be that parent.” There’s nothing wrong with having a babysitter. Taking a break and resting are key things that you need to be a good parent. If you’re pushing yourself to hard and not getting enough rest and sleep, it will show in your kids. If you are stressed out – it will stress out your kids. Trust me… I used to be a kid.

1. UrbanSitter

This is an growing online community of local babysitter that you can contact from the app. When you open the app, you just enter you location and then the app will begin to show you sitter around you. You can also enter things like your child’s school, any clubs their in, any mom groups you are in, or anything else like that and the app will customize your recommendations to better fit your child. This is a great way to find a trusted sitter quickly if you were ever pressed for time. You can also see if any of your friends have hired any sitter so you can really know if the sitter would be a trusted fit for you. You can also pay the sitters from the app, so literally all your babysitting business can stay in this one convenient app.

2. Alarm.com

This app was developed by a home alarm monitoring company called, Smith Security. This app is great for anyone with a babysitter because it links up with everything in your home, including any home security cameras you may have in your home. You would be able to watch your entire home from your smartphone. This app literally allows you to control just about anything in your home, your lights, the thermostat, unlock or lock your doors, you can even monitor certain cabinets in your home. Say you kept something in your home that you didn’t want the babysitter to have access to, you could monitor the cabinet from your iPhone and get a push notification if it was ever opened. This app is a great resource for anyone needing to keep an extra eye out on their home and their kids.

3. iHomeopath

This app is one that you should give to your babysitter. It gives you cures and remedies to all kinds of sickness and injuries. Accidents happen and its good to keep yourself and your sitter prepared for any situation.

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