10 Ways to Help Organize Your Bathroom


Easy Bathroom Organization Tips

A clean and organized bathroom is pleasant to the eyes. It is not only hygienic, but it is also relaxing for some.  Also, if you have a lot of bath, hair, and skin care products, it is ideal that they are organized properly. Aside from the aesthetics, it is also helpful when you can quickly pick the items you need.

No matter how tiny or spacious your bathroom is, you can turn it into an appealing and beautiful space that will make your bathroom moments enjoyable and relaxing.

Simone Howdy from Pro Rubbish Removal Brisbane, helps us here with some great organizing tips. Now you can enjoy a spa-like ambiance in your bathroom.

Step 1. Get Rid of Clutter

Nothing makes a bathroom disorganized like clutter. It makes your bathroom look untidy and disorganized, making it hard to locate some items. Here are a few simple things to consider for decluttering in your bathroom:

  • Gather all bath, body, hair and skin care products.
  • Remove all items you do not need. For instance, old makeup, expired beauty and skin care products.
  • If you have excess products, decide which ones you will keep. Consider disposing or giving away the ones you know you will not use anymore.
  • Sort out the products you will keep in a way that is most convenient for you. Then, store them in their appropriate containers.

Step 2. Use Hooks to Hang Towels

If you are sharing your bathroom with other people, it would be good to hang your towels on hooks rather than on bars. It is not only space saving but it’s more hygienic rather than having them so close together. It’d be best to use different hooks for different family members so that everyone can easily pick out the towel and return it after use. You do not want to keep arranging your bathroom every time someone uses it. It can be tiring and time-consuming.

Step 3. Maximize Cabinet Doors for Storage

Every space in your bathroom is valuable, including the inside of cabinet doors. Use this area to store extra items you may have in your bathroom. You can use over-the-door organizers, such as hooks, to store your towels or cleaning cloths.

Keep girls items and boys items separate but easily accessible, probably, sticking directly to the cabinet door.

Step 4. Store Items in Clear Acrylic Containers

Clear acrylic containers help you keep your bathroom items well organized and make it easier to pick the item you need. Since the containers are clear, you do not have to start checking around, removing things from each container to find what you want. You can clearly identify what you need and pick it without cluttering the bathroom. If possible, let each family member have a small clear container to store their items.

Step 5. Organize the Bathtub and Shower

Whether you have a bathtub, shower, or both, make sure to allot a space in your bath area for a shelf or shower caddy for your hair care and bath products. More importantly, always keep it within reach. Do not put them on the floor or scattered in your bathroom.

Step 6. Buy a Laundry Bin

You can keep your dirty clothes or wet towels in a laundry bin as you plan to wash them later. This makes cleaning easier. Mixing up laundry can make your cleaning disorganized, tiring and time-consuming. There are many types of laundry bins that can help you sort your dirty clothes and they can even match the design of your bathroom.

Step 7. Label Each Container

No matter the number of family members you have, consider labelling each storage item. This is even more important if you have kids. Labelling makes it easier for your family members to identify items and adds personalization and interest to your bathroom, for example:

  • Use clear sticker papers.
  • Print the papers if possible, to make it more uniform and avoid quick fade-off.
  • Let the labels be big and clear for easy identification.
  • Use chalkboard, maker or vinyl cutter labels if you do not want to print.

Step 8. Use Different Colors

When purchasing bathroom items, it’d be best to get different color codes for each family member. This makes it easier for each to identify their items and quickly pick them out instead of going through different storages. Each family member can have the following items in different colors:

  • Storage containers
  • Toothbrush
  • Towels

Step 9. Create a Work Schedule

Sometimes, it can be tiring to do all the work alone. It’d be best to engage your family members in ensuring that the bathroom stays clean. For instance, create a Monday to Sunday schedule and let each family member have a specific day to clean and organize the bathroom.

Step 10. Use the Vertical Space

If your bathroom is tiny, you can still have storage spaces in your bathroom by maximizing the vertical space. For example, install hooks on the wall to hang your towels and headbands. Also, you can also have hanging shelves for your dry towels and other products that you need to store. Moreover, to make it more appealing, you can add decorative baskets and jars in the vertical space.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of benefits with regards to organizing your bathroom. Firstly, it makes the space pleasant to look at. Secondly, it makes everything accessible. Moreover, it creates a more personalized and customized feel for you and the people using your bathroom. In an organized bathroom, you will not just feel comfortable being in this room but you will actually enjoy every second you are in there.

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