10 Strategies to Gain Followers on Your Business Twitter Account


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are three social media platforms that business utilizes with regularity. The reality is that some businesses have not yet learned how to take full advantage of Twitter. You may be part of that group.

The use of social media, including Twitter, can be helpful in generating leads for your business, driving traffic to your business website, increasing brand recognition, and building relationships with customers and prospects. 36 percent of business owners indicate that Twitter has been helpful to them in generating new business.

The key to taking full advantage of Twitter for your business is to have a good following. There are 10 strategies that you need to consider employing in order to increase followers on your business Twitter account.

Follow More Accounts

Many businesses make the mistake of not following other accounts. The most basic reason this is important is that oftentimes when you follow someone else on Twitter, that individual or other business follows you back.

You do need to be strategic when it comes to following other accounts on Twitter. For example, you certainly want to include accounts that appear to be potential customers. You will also want to follow vendors. In addition, follow accounts for local news outlets, people that blog about products you sell or services you provide, and accounts that are somehow relevant to your business.

Tweet Regularly

What you might not realize is that the typical lifespan of a tweet is 18 minutes, or even less. Thus, you need to tweet regularly. In fact, you may even want to consider tweeting important posts multiple times to enhance exposure.

In regard to tweeting regularly, also take advantage of hashtags. This can be helpful in attracting people interested in what your business does to your Twitter account.

Present Giveaways and Provide Coupons

You can provide giveaways, coupons, and other incentives to people who follow you in a more regular fashion on Twitter. Research indicates that 88 percent of consumers follow a specific business account to enter giveaway opportunities, to obtain discounts, and to access promotions. If you frequently present giveaways, coupons, and other incentives via your Twitter account, consumers will take note and be more inclined to follow you on the platform.

Produce Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored tweets can also be helpful when it comes to gaining followers for your Twitter business account. Sponsored tweets do cost money. However, if you take the time to carefully craft a sponsored tweet, including a relevant hashtag or hashtags, the can gain a good deal of attention from targeted Twitter users who are in the demographics of your customer or client base.

Include Links in Your Tweets

Another strategy to employ to attract more Twitter followers for your business account is to include links in tweets. Tweets that contain links are 86 percent more likely to be retweeted. In addition, links increase the engagement of people who see your tweets. A good percentage of Twitter users routinely link through when a tweet catches their attention.

Add Images to Tweets

In addition to links, adding images is a helpful way of engaging Twitter followers. Indeed, evidence indicates that tweets with images will get two times the engagement than those that do not. There are many resources from which you can obtain royalty free images for use with your tweets. In addition, depending on your business, you can use images you create associated with your company, products, or services.

Use Trending Hashtags

As mentioned previously, using trending hashtags is important. You can easily see what hashtags are trending on Twitter at any given moment. You can develop tweets that related somehow to your business as well as to a trending hashtag.

Tweet on Weekends

Twitter is alive and vibrant every day of the week. Thus, you will want to be certain to tweet on weekends if you want to gain additional followers

Engagement for business tweets is actually 17 percent higher over the weekends. With that said, only 19 percent of businesses tweet on weekends. Thus, not tweeting on Saturday and Sunday potentially results in many missed opportunities. Keep in mind you can schedule your tweets throughout the week using a resource like HootSuite.

Optimize Your Business Bio

Finally, in order to attract more followers, make certain your personal bio is as comprehensive as possible. This can be challenging as there are limitations as to the number of characters you can use. Make sure you link to your business website in your Twitter bio.


By employing these tactics, you will be able to see results when it comes to gaining new followers to your Twitter business account. In addition, you will also see an increase in the level of engagement of people on Twitter with your individual tweets. This engagement can include people visiting your business website and becoming patrons of your company.


Jessica is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage, a leading company that provides Internet fax service< services for individuals and businesses.

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