Is this Vape Juice Still Good? How to Tell if Your E-liquid is Safe to Vape


The question is, does the vape juice come with an expiration date? The answer is yes. Like your milk products or bread, your vape juice has an expiration date either at the bottom of the bottle or at the container’s seal. It is good to note that most vape juices have a shelf life of one to two years before their ingredients, the vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine, start to break down.

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There are many reasons to get worried about your vape juice expiring. It can be because you lost it, forgot it in your traveling bag, or they might have dropped it off the shelf, or maybe you bought a whole collection of vape juice online, and they are lasting longer than expected.

Besides, if you check the expiry date and discover that it is long overdue, is it okay to consume an expired vape juice? Well, there’s no research yet that indicates the dangers of using expired vape juice. The expiration date is just an indication by the manufacturer of when the ingredients may start to break down. Sometimes the elements may begin to decompose earlier than the expiry date or way later after the expiry date. What matters is if the quality of the product is still intact.

There are a few factors, though, that vapers must be on the look-out to determine when it is the best time to dispose of their vape juice. 

The Color of the Vape Juice

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Is your vape juice suddenly turning amber? It could indicate oxidation, which is bound to happen when you expose nicotine to oxygen after opening the bottle. The more you use the juice, the emptier the bottle becomes, leaving more space for air. The reaction can take much longer if you store your bottle in a cool and dark place. Unfortunately, if you happen to leave your bottle in the open air in direct contact with the sun, the reaction is a lot faster. 

But does a color change then mean it is spoilt? No, not really. The juice can change its color for other reasons. It can start having a dark brown color, and you might even begin to see some residue sitting at the bottom of the bottle. Such a change is not because of oxidation, and the best thing to do is dispose of the bottle.

Change in Taste

After expiry, you might notice that the juice’s flavor might start to change. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s spoilt. The breakdown of the flavor additives usually causes a change in taste. Most of the flavor additives have a shelf life of between one and five years. Since it’s safe, you can choose to dispose of or continue using the vape juice if you can put up with the tasteless product.

Change in Smell

Another way to find out if your vape juice is still safe to use is by smelling it. The liquid might not smell bad because it is made of vegetable oil and plant extracts, but you cannot miss a foul odor. If you find that the juice has a funny smell, like that of spoilt food, it is time you visited the store to get some. 

Thickening of the Vape Juice

The vegetable glycerin might be responsible for thickening the juice, but if you notice your juice getting a lot thicker than usual, it is reasonable to consider getting a replacement. The denser the fluid, the more heating it will require to produce vapor. There might not be any harm in using that kind of juice, but you may find it a lot stressful having to wait longer. 

How to Store Vape Juice for Long Term Use

Now that you know the signs that your vape juice has gone bad, perhaps you’re wondering how to store it properly and get the most of it. There are three main factors to avoid in prolonging the life of your vape juice. These are:

  • Light 
  • Air 
  • Heat

Exposing your vape juice to any of these factors makes it decay faster. Always store your e-liquids in a cool and dark place. Freezers are the best because they are airtight and prevent light from reaching your vape juice, preventing oxidation. Additionally, go for dark glass containers for long term storage to keep the light out.

Final Thoughts

There are several factors to consider before disposing of your vape juice. The expiry date is important because it informs you of when the content might start losing value, but if it is still in good shape, there is no harm in enjoying your vape juice to the last drop. 

If you like your vape juice still fresh and classic, you might find it very uncomfortable to use the tasteless or foul-odored vape juice. In that case, you can dispose of it and get a new one.

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