Troubleshooting: My Internet Keeps Disconnecting


It doesn’t matter if you’re just playing online games, watching a Netflix marathon, or working on your computer. It can be extremely frustrating if your internet keeps on disconnecting. In some cases, the choppy connection could even result in loss of income. 

Fortunately, you troubleshoot the problem yourself. You just need to identify the reason why your internet keeps on disconnecting. 

Note that there can be quite a number of reasons why you’re experiencing intermittent internet, but learning about them once will help you deal with the same issues if you face them again in the future. Here are some issues that may be causing your unexpected disconnections:

  • Super slow internet. If your plan is within 15 to 25 Mbps, it is easy to drop out of your connection especially if there are a lot of people connected. There are plenty of speed test options you could try to see if your internet is fast enough. If this happens quite often, maybe you could upgrade to a better package, or switch providers. 
  • Get to know the blinking lights. One of the easiest ways to troubleshoot is to check the lights of your modem and router. Both should have at least 3 lights turned on (one for power, and the others are indicators). By understanding what these lights mean, you’ll quickly be able to diagnose things like:
  • the Wi-Fi isn’t working, but wired connections work
  • Wi-Fi is working, but LAN isn’t
  • No signal is coming in
  • And so on.
  • Something is interfering with your wifi connection. If you’re using a wireless connection, try moving closer to the hotspot/Wi-Fi router. If you’re using a wired connection, check for loose or broken cables and replace them. If it isn’t a cable issue, try moving your router/modem near your workstation or vice versa.
  • Your modem isn’t connecting to your ISP. Sometimes, the modem and your ISP miscommunicate and your internet drops randomly. When this happens, call your ISP so they could check if your modem is receiving/transmitting signals properly. If it has been confirmed that this is the reason, your ISP provider could reconnect you from their end. 
  • Outdated equipment. If you have been using the same modem or router for 5/10/15 years, it could be time to get an upgrade. This is especially true if your ISP is already providing up-to-date technologies that are no longer compatible with your old modem/router. Simply switching your equipment for newer ones could prevent your regular disconnection issues. 
  • Update modem/router firmware. Your modem, router, and other hardware all have firmware (its embedded software) that can be updated with newer releases from manufacturers. These updates are made to improve features, add new features, or fix issues of past releases. In most cases, you can update firmware directly from the hardware’s dashboard. If not, visit the manufacturer’s website for details, but never download firmware updates from third-party sites. 
  • Bypass your DNA server. Every time you enter a website into your browser, the computer looks up that site’s IP address using a DNS server. If you experience disconnections whenever you try to access certain websites, it may be an issue with the DNS server. Your quickest fix when this happens is to bypass your DNS server by typing an IP address (such as into your browser. You’ll confirm if this is the problem if the website loads properly.
  • Windows-related issues. Sometimes, your internet will drop randomly because of settings and driver issues related to your operating system. Windows 10 connectivity problems could be due to several reasons, such as:
  • Look for power management issues. Check Ethernet cables connecting your computer to the modem and vice versa. 
  • Wifi driver software may be outdated or not compatible with your current OS (Try to update the driver first. If this doesn’t work, download the latest version of your OS and update your system). 
  • Could a virus be the culprit? Your connection could be affected by a malware, virus, spyware, or any other malicious code on your computer. Scan your computer for any of these issues. In most cases, Windows Defender, or other anti-virus programs could fix the problem for you. 
  • Public wifi problems. If you’re connected to public wifi, you may have very little control over the situation. Your only option here is to check if you need to log-in to the network again. If this doesn’t work, you might need to connect to another Wi-Fi hotspot. 
  • Poor Internet plan. Or maybe it’s time for an upgrade. The load you need may not be enough for the internet plan you currently have. Fortunately, you can request for an upgraded plan with just a phone call or e-mail away. If appropriate, it might even be better to look for another ISP. 

The list above tackles just some of the most common reasons why your internet keeps on disconnecting – there are A LOT more. It’s good to know how to do a little troubleshooting, so you’re ready should a bigger dilemma come your way. 

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