TRINITY 5-Tier Outdoor Wire Shelving Rack, the perfect rack to store whatever you need!


Many of you have heard me speak about for almost a year now. Actually, they’re one of my favorite online stores where I have received products for many areas of my home. I’ve had a chance to find some awesome products for my kitchen, laundry room, storage areas, and my outdoor areas!

Just recently my husband and I decided it was time to build a kennel for our dogs.

With all of them growing so fast and each one of them having their own little personality, we both felt it was time to build them a kennel so that each one would have their own space to call their own. We’ve been working on the dog kennel for some time now and finally it’s almost completed. My husband wanted to make sure the kennel had enough space for not only for all the dogs, but enough space to also handle all their dog essentials.

So when I saw had a TRINITY 5-Tier Outdoor Wire Shelving Rack | 48″ x 18″ x 72″ , I knew right off we had to have one. You see the TRINITY 5-Tier Outdoor Wire Shelving Rack with wheels has just the right amount of shelving for what we need within the kennel.

This shelf will be perfect for everything we need to store inside the kennel like the dog food, their bathing essentials, play toys, their leaches, water, dog bones, and much more.

I love how spacious and wide the racks are, with having that much space and width available, we will definitely have room to store whatever we need for the dogs. Another thing I like about the TRINITY 5-Tier Outdoor Wire Shelving Rack is, the ability to place it in any area of the kennel since it also has wheels.

The TRINITY 5-Tier Outdoor Wire Shelving Rack is very easy to assemble and is also NSF certified commercial-grade outdoor wire shelving that’s certified for any indoor/outdoor or wet/dry use.

It’s great to know that we can also use this shelving rack outdoors and not have to worry about it rusting out like most shelving racks.

With an 800 lb weight capacity per shelf on feet levelers, it can hold all of our dog accessories as well as our gardening supplies, plants, tools, and everything in between.

Assembly requires no tools, and uses a slip-sleeve locking system which allows shelves to be adjusted in 1-inch increments.

This made it so much easier for my husband to complete, before long he had it all assembled and placed in the kennel within no time. We will no longer have to lug anything from the house anymore to address the dogs needs, my husband can fill up each rack every month, the rack is just that spacious!

Below you will see just how awesome the TRINITY 5-Tier Outdoor Wire Shelving Rack is, even Makia was happy to see the TRINITY 5-Tier Outdoor Wire Shelving Rack.

Well, I can only say we have a winner Trinity” has done it again, they have manage to create not only a elegant, sturdy, easy moving stand, the have also created a stand that will last a life time!


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