Why The Mass Majority Of Consumers Are Cutting The Cord


Over the past few years, there has been shift in the way consumers obtain their entertainment. In the past, most Americans paid for a cable service on a monthly basis. Others utilized satellite. Nevertheless, they were required to pay a cable company. During the past few years, more and more consumers have snipped the cord, while looking for alternative ways to obtain access to the entertainment that they desire. The truth of the matter is that the Internet has played a major role in this shift. So, why are more and more consumers changing the way they acquire their entertainment? You’ll find out below.

Poor Customer Service

If you take the time to read reviews and testimonials for the nation’s biggest cable providers, you will notice a major similarity. Almost every one of these companies have terrible reviews. Their customers absolutely hate them. When calling or chatting with a customer service representative for the big cable providers, it is nearly impossible to get your problems solved. This has enraged customers so much that they’ve decided to take a stand. Now, more consumers than ever before have begun to access their favorite television shows and movies through alternative sources.

Higher Prices

Another thing that has driven consumers further and further away from the conventional cable services is the prices. Unfortunately, consumers will agree that the prices of satellite and cable services have continued to climb higher and higher. In fact, most consumers report seeing an increase from month to month. There is only so much that consumers can take. Eventually, they’re going to agree that the prices have gotten too high. Well, now they have. This has forced them to head online and look for alternative entertainment solutions.

Original Content Elsewhere

In the past, it was truly impossible to acquire access to original entertainment, without having a cable subscription. If you did not catch your favorite show when it was live, you probably missed it for good. This is far different today. Now, it is possible to watch original content from numerous sources. Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu create original content for their streaming services. Therefore, it is not always essential to stay up in the middle of the night to watch your favorite shows on network television. Plus, you can always watch those content television shows at a later date on these streaming services and at FMovies.

Going Mobile

Mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, have become prevalent in modern society. Consumers can now access the Internet from anywhere in the world. They’re also much more likely to enjoy entertainment on the go. With a lightning fast smartphone, you’ll be able to watch your favorite television shows and movies directly from the train. You can also stream music. This is something that simply isn’t available with conventional cable services. Consumers prefer to remain on the go and unconventional entertainment sources allow them to remain entertained no matter where they are in the world.

Growth Of Streaming Services

Streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, have grown incredibly popular over the past few years. In the past, consumers were required to rent VHS movies from Blockbuster and other stores. While this was a good concept, it has been completely outperformed by streaming services. With Netflix, there is never a need to return the movie the following day. Simultaneously, the streaming services are actually much more affordable than older alternatives.

With a streaming service, the consumer pays very little to get monthly access to all of the movies and television shows available with the service. Truly, the streaming services have absolutely killed cable television and the rental stores.

Going With Free Alternatives

Finally, it is safe to say that many consumers are going with free alternatives. Some households have killed the cable in order to return to the antenna. With an antenna, it is possible to acquire local television stations for free of charge. And, it should be known that many consumers have just given up on television all together. With access to torrents and the dark web, some consumers have decided to break the law to obtain access to the movies and television shows that they wish to watch. Regardless of the cause, it is safe to say that the cable companies will never be the same!


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