Tips For Preparing Your Kids For School


With the new school year starting in just a matter of days, many parents are struggling and rushing to get everything done. It really is never too early to start providing your kid or kids with the tools that they need to succeed in school. Whether your child is starting preschool for the first time or heading off to middle school, the whole process can be overwhelming and terrifying for both the child and parent. With that being said there are some academic and other readiness techniques that you can practice at home in order to get your child ready for the up and coming school year.

Preparing For The Departure

Every parent’s biggest fear is dropping their child off and having him or her clinging to their leg screaming and crying to go back home. This is not only heartbreaking as a parent, but it can be completely embarrassing for the child. In order to prevent this make sure that you are making daily trips by the school and explaining to your child what is going to happen. For instance, on your weekly grocery store visit, make sure you pass by the school and explain to your child that you will be dropping him or her off there in a matter of days to obtain an education.

Also, attending school orientations ahead of the starting day is a good way to introduce your child to the grounds and the other children that he or she will be attending school with. Who knows, you and your child might even make some new friends. Be sure to learn more myths about child custody, so there are not issues with future visitations.

Organize Play Dates

Building and developing social skills is something that your child will have to do his or her entire life, and it is best to start early as possible. Speak with the other parents in your neighborhood and find out if their kids will be attending the same school as your child. If so, you can organize play dates, so that you kid will not only develop much needed social skills, but he or she might even make a new companion. If your kids will be attending a different school than the neighborhood kids, it is possible that you can organize play dates by meeting other individuals at school functions and orientations.

Start Waking And Going To Bed On Time

One of the biggest problems that most kids have with attending school is adjusting to the new time schedule. This is why it is imperative that you start making your kid go to bed and wake up when he or she normally would for school. This is an essential process for mental concentration, and a great way to avoid behavioral problems.

Toilet Training

As your kids are venturing off to a new school all on their own, there are a lot of things that they are going to have to learn how to do on their own. For instance, using the bathroom and controlling their bladder is one of these things. This can be tough even if your child is potty trained at home, because public restrooms can be terrifying. Start by practicing in local and public restrooms to get your child comfortable with the entire process.

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Cathy M. Smart
4 years ago

Great article, I really appreciate you for sharing this article. All point which you discussed in this are truly right. It really happen with parents. So to solve the problems we need to read this article and implement on our-self.