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M4D3 Custom – A Special Gift Idea for the ones you love!


I am one that really struggles to buy gifts for family and friends. Of course, I could always grab something simple like a gift card but I feel like a gift card is something you would be more likely to give your kids teachers or your mailman. It’s not personal enough to give to your sibling or parent. We want our gifts to be memorable. The holidays are more about making the ones we love feel special.  What better way to do that then capturing that special moment on a pair of shoes from M4D3 Custom!

Personalize a pair for yourself, a friend or family, whether its a special gift, or a something that captures a special moment in your life. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns, upload your own image, and make them yours. Whether you want to showcase your own artwork or personalize a slide for your friends or family, this is the perfect way to customize your own shoe without the custom price. From the upper to the sock to the bottom, design your own in 4 easy steps.

  • Create your art or take a photo.
  • Upload the file with any style.
  • Customize your color palette.
  • Wear it and share it.

The actual process was super simple. The part that took more time than anything else was choosing which picture to put on the Slides. For my hubby, he wanted a picture of our Husky on his slides. For me, of course, I had to get my kiddos in there. When they came in, I was super surprised at how thick they were on the soles. They are very high-quality material. The picture came out adorable! My husband was super excited to start wearing his. He needed to wear them with sox for a few days because the flap was irritating his toe. Of course, once he was used to it, he was fine. For the time being, I am not able to wear mine as I chipped my ankle and have to wear my boot but I have them out and the kids get a kick out of seeing themselves on the shoes.

This is for sure one of the best and unique gifts you can give. You can check them out:




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Lindsay Bade

These are so unique! I’ve never seen anything like them before. So neat

Sally Gearhart

My hubby loves slide sandals and always has them on when not at work. He would definitely like these slides especially with our kiddos on them. Thank you so much for sharing this very unique gift idea!

Tamra Phelps

These look great. I had no idea these even existed! My niece loves sandals/flip flops, etc., so she would love these.

Tracy Robertson

What an amazing way to personalize shoes!

Robin Abrams

These shoes are so great. I would love to customize mine with my grand kids drawings. It would make them feel so good


These are so awesome! I would love to let my daughter go nuts with these!


They look so comfortable.

April Karrie Bentley

Such a cool product! i love that you can create your own designs!

Julie Terry

These are great. I have never heard of them before.

Juanita May

These are very unique and I would love them!

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