Kwik Stix Review and Giveaway, kids can now enjoy painting without the mess!



No matter if you’re a homeschool mom or have children like mine who on a daily base have school projects, these KwiK Stix Solid Tempera Paint sticks will definitely be great to have on hand. When I say my children have daily school projects they do, if it’s not the little one it’s my oldest child.

Now, we all know kids love to paint especially the little ones, but painting can be so messy and sometimes a little stressful. I say stressful because the moment my kids are done painting I find myself trying to clean up paint everywhere. From the carpet to the table even off their hands  and face at times!

Most of the times I have to sit at the table with them to supervise their projects! But here is where the KwiK Stix Solid  Tempera Paint sticks will play a part in your kids crafting and school projects. You will no longer have to sit by and supervise them while they enjoy painting with the KwiK Stix Solid Tempera Paint.

You see, Kwik Stix, which is a product from The Pencil Grip, Inc company, will provide your children hours of fun and creativity without the mess, they are very easy to use, and will allow your children hours of craft and art time fun. They are so simple to use, just remove the cap, twist the solid paint up, and paint. No need for any water or anything else plus they dry in 90 seconds!









Before long your children will be completing their afterschool projects trouble free! Not only are they easy to use, they are non-toxic, appealing to every age, even your older children, and available in many color options. The Kwik Stix can also be great for those last minute school posters and projects! So many times Lex teacher has sent home last minute projects and of course we had to use those messy markers and paints which again ended up all over the place!

You can purchase the Kwik Stix in a variety of colors. The 24 pack yields all Kwik Stix colors; 12 assorted, 6 metalix, and 6 neon. They are also available in both original and thin sizes. Kwik Stix and Thin Stix also come in a 12 packs of assorted colors and 6 packs of primary, neon, and metalix colors.

Both the Kwik Stix and Kwik Stix Thin Stix are AP certified meaning they are non-toxic and perfectly safe for young children plus they will make set-up and clean-up hassle free….every parent will love that part, I know I do!

I don’t know about you, but if you have that creative artist in your home, or that homeschooler who have extra curricular assignments like my kids, you too will need these awesome KwiK Stix Solid Tempera Paint sticks ! After all, they dry in 90 seconds, won’t smear, don’t mix when applied over other colors, perfect for cardboards,  papers, poster boards, wood, and more.

They actually remind me of glue sticks, but they’re not, they’re cool paint sticks that your kids can easily hold and enjoy! Overall, I believe every parent and child will love the Kwik Stix and I KNOW they will also make great gifts for your kids and even their teachers!


If you are looking to purchase Kwik Stix, you can purchase them on Amazon. Make sure to visit The Pencil Grip, Inc  on social media.

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These would also be great for youth group leaders like myself. I work with Girl Guides and we are always doing craft projects. I dread when we do paint ones because of what you said, the mess. So I need to look for these!

Marcie W.

My kids are total art lovers, so they would go crazy over fun paint pens like these. I definitely appreciate less mess too!


This is new! I like how it is dries quickly. It comes in handy for making posters, arts, and crafts.

monique s

these look so fun. I wish they had these when I was a kid and I am sure my kids will love them


These look like a great way to get colorful paint colors without all the mess!


I love this. I have two kids that love to be creative… usually means messy. If this removes the mess part I am totally up for that! I don’t have time to clean up after each creative art activity.


I think my girls have outgrown the need for these, but they sure would have loved them when younger. I know I would have appreciated the easy cleanup!

Catherine Lewis

These look like great products to share and have fun with. I enjoyed learning about these things.


These sound amazing! I would love to try them.

Maryann D.

These look like so much fun to use! The colors are wonderful and I do like less mess also.

Geri Sandoval

Love these!!! My granddaughters are always coming home with school projects and these would be an awesome help. Love all the colors in the 24 pkg. the the smaller pkgs and nice also, the girls would like the neons an metalix colors. Really like that they are easy to use and dry in 90 seconds which is a bonus!

rochelle haynes

Looking good nice colors

Darlene Owen

My 4 grandchildren are homeschooled so these would be a great learning tool for them and something they would enjoy using as well. I also love the variety of colors.

Maggie Currier

Id love to give these a try!

Teresa Thompson

I love doing crafts and coloring activities with my grandkids. These are great!

Lauryn R

These paint sticks are so cool!! I love using paint to make art as well as DIY home décor projects, these sticks make it so much easier! 🙂

crystal mccord

Wow! That is really amazing, I think these stix would be easier to hold for little hands…compared to paint brushes and it’s always nice to have less mess!

Dotty J Boucher

I love the gripping on these , and all the fun colors that these come in. I also love the fact that they dry fast so you won’t have to worry about them smearing or making a mess.

Gail Williams

These are perfect for projects for my granddaughters. I am their granny nanny in the summer and always supply projects to do to keep them away from electronics 24/7.

Gail Williams

These are perfect for projects for my granddaughters. I am their granny nanny in the summer and always supply projects to do to keep them away from electronics 24/7.

Angela Ingles

I love that kids can paint without the mess. My two year old would love these.