The Importance of Sleep, and How Your Bed Can Help


We are familiar with the off-repeated advice to get our 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and the health benefits of making sure you get your forty winks.  But why is it so important, and how can your choice of furniture help make sure you do?

Sleep As Chronic Pain Reliever

There are a few sleep studies that support the idea that a lack of adequate sleep lowers our pain threshold.  If you have chronic pain problems, or acute pain from a recent injury, getting enough hours sleep can make you feel less pain.  Of course, getting over the initial problem of the pain keeping you up might require a sleep aid, but once you do, lots of studies suggest you should sense less pain, without extra pain medication, as well as heal more quickly.

Beds can help with this, by giving enough support for example, with orthopedic mattresses and memory foam pillows.  They help support your weight and relieve pressure on painful joints and on the back.

Use Upholstered Headboards

Creating a comforting and inviting environment for yourself is a must if you want to feel relaxed enough when you hit the sack.  An added bonus is not having a harsh surface to bump into when tossing and turning in the middle of the night.  Knocks and bumps account for many of the times we wake up without remembering in the middle of the night, and can then rise feeling unrefreshed the following morning.

Using soft furnishings in the form of fabric finished headboards also provide the finishing touch to the ambiance your room needs.  Using your surroundings this way completes a sleep routine, where you can prepare for sleep by going to bed at the same time each night, come from a hot bath or shower and use the relaxant skin-cooling effects of drying off, and then have a ready a dim ambiently lighted room with plenty  of soft furnishings to curl up to.


Having under bed storage is useful for clearing the floor space of a room and avoiding the agitating effects of a chaotic layout.  Models with simple pull-out drawers could suffice, but there are multiple ingenious storage solutions that include having wardrobe space as well.  There is nothing more distracting from sleep than having to step over toys, instruments or your floordrobe, but many bed designs incorporate storage with the ability to lift up the sleep surface whole for fuss-free access, such as with Ottoman or Seattle bed frame designs.




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