Knowing When It’s Time to Paint the Outside of Your Home


There’s a right time for everything, and that’s most certainly true when it comes to giving the outside your home a fresh coat of paint.

You might not realize just how much of an impact the color and condition of your home’s exterior paint has on your mood, but you’re sure to notice a difference after a professional paint job. As you’re exploring various painting companies and their special paint warranty policy, don’t forget to ask yourself if you’re picking the right time of the year for your improvement project.  

The Quick and Easy

The most succinct answer to when you should paint the outside of your home is late spring and summer when the weather is nice and warm and paint can cure properly. That being said, you might not have the time to have your home painted this summer season. Maybe you’re planning an extended vacation, or perhaps you simply have a full schedule and don’t have time for professionals to come out to you. Or, it could be that you don’t have the money during the warmer months of the year. Either way, know that all hope is not lost.

Pay Attention to What Paint Manufacturers Have to Say

Residential paint has come a long way, which means that you don’t have to worry as much about painting your house if it’s only 50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. These days, it’s best that you wait until temperatures are at least above 40, but that number is different for different paint manufacturers.

Besides the overall temperature outside, you also want to think about the difference between the temperature in the day and the temperature at night. For instance, if you live somewhere like Nevada where the summer days are often boiling and the nights are cool, you might wind up with a poor paint job. It might be better if you wait until the fall season. Be sure to check the weather forecast before getting started, just to be sure there won’t be any irregular weather patterns when you plan on beginning your project.

Don’t Forget About Moisture

Besides overall temperatures, the amount of moisture in the air also has a part to play in when you should paint the outside of your home. It’s always best to only paint a dry surface, which means you need to be cautious of humidity and condensation. Again, checking the forecast is your best bet. If it rains, you want to wait a full day before getting started, making sure that the surface is checked to ensure it’s dry. Any dew that gathers on the exterior of your property can negatively impact your final results as well. Finally, bear in mind that it can take awhile for the paint to completely dry; those lows you see forecasted can happen just after sunset, so time your painting job accordingly.

Additional Tips


Even if the weather is ideal for painting, there’s still no guarantee that everything will go perfectly. That’s why learning a few additional tips is a good idea for the best results. The painting company you choose should not only be experienced but take steps to properly prepare your home for painting. For example, pressure washing all surfaces removes built-up dirt and dust to provide a clean canvas. Filling in damaged wood, metal, masonry and other surfaces with epoxy filler is also a solid idea.

Loose and chipped paint should be addressed, and any gaps spotted between home and trim should be filled in with caulk. Wood knots and stains might be spotted during the exterior examination, which can be easily taken care of with stain-blocking primer.

Make the most of your investment of time and money while renewing the exterior look of your home. Work with well-regarded professionals, and keep your eyes on the weather.  



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