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IKEA Soft Toys for Education Campaign



IKEA Holiday Soft Toys Campaign Runs November 4 – December 29 Supporting UNICEF and Save the Children Educational Programs in 40 Countries. IKEA Soft Toys which are going to make a perfect gift for anyone this holiday season. And for every IKEA Soft Toy or children’s book you buy, the IKEA Foundation donates $1.00 to education programs worldwide supported by UNICEF and Save the Children.



Let’s all get involved by picking up your own IKEA Soft Toy for someone in your life this holiday season. Not only are you getting a special little someone an amazing gift, you’re going to help children around the world. You can purchase IKEA Soft Toys From there wide selection of Soft Toys stretching in prices from .40 cents to a little over $14.99 (how cheap is that!?).




My little Sophie just adores her IKEA Soft toys, but I’ll tell you, these little critters are just for the kiddos! Think about the pet in your life that loves to toss around a stuffed toy! I know my Harley girl loves a good soft toy she can play and snuggle with. Yes, Harley is my dog, she is spoiled rotten and she loves stuffed animals!



Go look at IKEA’s large variety of Soft Toys and pick the right one for you or someone in your family. They won’t be disappointed this holiday season when they get to cuddle up to there new IKEA Soft Toy with a smile.


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Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.


791 Responses to IKEA Soft Toys for Education Campaign

    • tThe soft toys are a great idea…you can also donate a few to CHP or police..they give them to kids at certain calls,,also good to have for a quick birthday presnt

    • I am not sure if this is what she was looking for or not..Yes, thank you for the giveaway of this great camera, I hope I get lucky for once and win it.

      Linda Mahoney

      • ok, it went right past me…yes, the toys are cute, and kids love them. they are very nice toys. I know of a boy who might love one of those medium sized teddy bears..I hope this negates my first comment..sorry

  1. What an awesome campaign–I love when companies do things that allow you to touch someone in your life and someone you don’t know at the same time. It’s a great way for everyone to get involved in spreading “cheer”. Way to go, Ikea! :) Thanks for sharing about this!!

  2. These look WONDERFUL for children!! I’ve always wanted an Ikea here because you have awesome products!

  3. I love that part of the proceeds from the sale of theses IKEA toys goes to help kids. There are so many kids today that don’t have the education they need! Way to go! :)

  4. I love when I can buy something & do some good at the same time. This would be perfect to buy for Toys for Tots, then you are doing 2 good things at a time. This is such a nice thing they are doing, yay Ikea!

  5. I love that part of the sales proceed go to a GREAT cause! I know my 2 year old grandson would love the KLAPPAR ELEFANT soft toy and it’s only $14.99!

  6. These are adorable! I have purchased a few soft toys from IKEA before and they’re huge hits with my nieces. I love that money is being used for education, too!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Thanks for the info on this I think this a great idea! Also a great idea to get extras and give to local police and rescue so they have some when needed.

  8. yes it is always good to give back.its always nice to learn when a company is involved in the life of others. children are a blessing in all society’s.the animals are adorable

  9. This is a great idea both for children and for the donation they make when you purchase. Unfortunately it wouldn’t work for our Olde English Bulldog named Max as he loves to destroy and eat toys.

  10. I really had no idea Ikea made donations like this, that’s great! These little guys are adoreable, I’ll have to take a look at buying a few. Found out another friend is having another baby :)

  11. Aww I love this!!! I plan on purchasing a few soft toys this year as gifts. Such a neat thing you are doing!!!

  12. IKEA has really good quality products. Soft toys my niece loves and my two dogs love stuffed animals too.

  13. Those toys are so cute! I love those soft toys because they are safe even for little children and it’s a nice thing that buying one will help you give back to the community.

  14. These are so cute, my granddaughters would love to open one of these Christmas morning! Love, love, love them!

  15. It’s so nice of them to donate one toy for each purchase. I love companies that are willing to give back to others.

  16. This is a great thing that IKEA is doing!! Buy a few extras and send to homeless shelters or call your local schools and find if there are children who need some Christmas spirit!

  17. These are adorable and they do look so soft! They look safe and cuddly and I bet my girls would love them… I am also very proud to see that IKEA is donating a portion of the proceeds to these two outstanding funds!

  18. I think its great that IKEA is playing there part in helping out in eduction, but I find it sad that you have to buy a toy to get them to donate a $1.00 to do that.. these big companies still make out through there taxes.. like walmart does, or kmart and so on and so on…………….

  19. Although the closest IKEA to me is almost 2 hours away, they also have a fabulous website that you can order from. I have gotten many things from IKEA and I know that my grand kids love these soft toys. We buy them and donate 4 each year to the Toys 4 Tots program. Thanks for bringing it to our attention :)

  20. These are so cute. I have never seen these before. I will have to look for something for my daughter.

  21. Aww, these are cute! I should pick some up for the kiddos’ stockings this year. They love stuffed animals. Thanks for the review!

  22. The charity behind this idea is nice and good etc. ……………but I REALLY despise stuffed animals. Save for one or two special ones my son got when he was a baby, I always throw them away if anyone gives him any. He is autistic and not at all interested in stuffed animals anyway.

  23. The toys are cute! I’m glad that there is support for education. Kids definitely need it- I’ve seen how organizations help support those in other places (both in an outside of our country).

  24. My kids love having a soft,cuddly stuffed animal at night.I think they are such a generous company to donate in educational purposes for kids.

  25. As a phlebotomist, these would be cute to have as a distraction when little children come in to have bloodwork done. :)

  26. my girls are teens and would probably like the soft toys lol i think that it’s great that ikea is doing this campaign, and they soft toys are adorable.

  27. Nice to see a big corporate store like Ikea doing promotions for kids. Need more of this in life.

  28. These are really cute toys. What a wonderful concept. Give a toy that any child would enjoy, and help a child in need at the same time.

  29. We were in Ikea a week or so ago and I saw this campaign. It is an awesome idea and they have a wide variety of soft toys to choose from. Well, worth picking up at least one.

  30. Toys are great. What a great idea. Good luck. I have my first giveaway that ends in 3 days. Hope you will check it out and follow back. Have a great day. :)

  31. Save the Children and UNICEF are two groups making a difference. Good to see Ikea stepping in to assist them and make children smile around the world. ♥

  32. What a great time of year to do some great fundraising for UNICEF. Love IKEA! Thanks Mom Blog Society for getting the word out there.

  33. It seems like a small margin $1 for the price of the animal. I like knowing a larger percent would go to the cause and would prefer to give directly. I like that my daughter’s school does spell-a-thons and jog-a-thons as fundraisers so the expense is minimal and a larger portion goes directly to her school.

  34. What a great cause, and the animals are so cute. I have a lot of respect for IKEA, they do so many things at once!

  35. What an awesome thing they are doing. I went and looked at what they had and they are adorable and affordable. My favorite is the set of 2 elephants.

  36. I have never been to IKEA but I get the catalog and want to go there so badly. These look so cute I love the puppy

  37. i love this idea of donating. I donate almost on a daily basis, the gas station i go to always has some kind of donation can and i always give my change, or i round up at other stores, or dig in my pockets for salvation army, i donate when there is an opportunity to. i may not be able to give much but every penny counts!

  38. I love this idea. Not only are you treating a loved one to a great toy, you’re helping other kids too.

  39. These toys are really nice and a great idea!! And the fact that you donate to UNICEF and other school programs makes me like this company even more! This is a great thing that you do!!

  40. i would love to get involved to help financially but i can spread the word to friends and family about this.

  41. Ikea is such a wonderful place for kids to visit and I am not surprised about this either. I saw some of the soft toys when I recently went to Ikea, and they look wonderful.

  42. How awesome! We got our little girl a puppy soft toy last year for Christmas and she LOVES it… too bad the closest IKEA is 3.5 hours away :(

  43. We don’t have an IKEA close to me now. There use to be one where I use to live. I would go there all the time. What a great campaign. Soft toys and books are so important for kids to have.

  44. a great reminder! and a good excuse to stock up for stocking stuffers (not to mention munch on some swedish goodies :))

  45. I love soft toys so does my baby sister. The best thing is that they are for a great cause. Another reason to get them now.

  46. Oh my, they are so adorable! and very reasonably priced. I need to tell my daughters to check the site out,because I know they will want a few of them.Thank you for the great write up.

  47. I, I mean, my kids LOVE IKEA toys! I think we have all of the above pictured toys. :) They are the best soft toys you can get. Not to mention that they are so cheap comparing to other soft toys. They are perfect for any age or occasion.

  48. These soft toys would be the perfect gift for our four legged heros overseas. I was watching a vet say how dogs that our with our troops are often forgotten. This is just a perfect idea! luv

  49. I’ve never been to an IKEA, but we’re visiting my son at Christmas and there is one close to his home. We may have to check it and these soft toys out when we have extra time. thanks for the info

  50. Thanks so much for sharing this…I had no idea that Ikea had these, but I’m not surprised that they are doing something so great :)

  51. IKEA is really popular and well known. This is a great idea to raise money for childrens education. Buy a stuffed animal and they donate $1 toward education. Achieving to things with one purchase. Our children need to be educated and to learn all they possibly can in their younger years. Great for gifts or a child in the hospital too.

  52. This is a win-win situation! I love Ikea! We finally got one close to where I live, it opened 2 weeks ago and I haven’t had a chance to go yet, but I plan to within the next week, so I’ll definitely buy a toy to help this cause!

  53. The Klapper Elephants are the cutest stuffed elephants I have ever seen. Thanks for the review, otherwise, I would not have found out about this wonderful site. I have bookmarked it and will definitely be ordering from ikea.

  54. Thanks for the review. I love Ikea and the fact that they donate to wonderful causes. These little cuties are affordable too and I know a bunch of kids who would love to have these. Thanks for sharing :)

  55. LOVE IT!!! I always wondered why Khols Department Stores were one of the only one’s that offered plush dolls and donated money to good causes. I think it is an awesome idea!!!

  56. My grandchildren and my dog love IKEA soft toys. IKEA has a good program to donate to children’s education.

  57. My daughter loves Ikea soft toys! They are really cute, hold up really well and the fact that the give money to charity is bonus. I love that company all around, they have amazing products at great prices.

  58. It’s nice that they donate $1 (although sometimes I think these huge companies could certainly afford to donate a bigger percentage!!)

  59. They are cute, and coming from IKEA I’d expect they are high quality. But hard to put together. ;-)

  60. Thank you for sharing I love the idea of using toys for education. I think kids are more likely to have a passion for learning if we make it fun.

  61. Wow! I love this site!!! You ladies really have some excellent things going on here… Im always looking for new ideas and stuff and to find it all on one place is AWESOME!!! Thank you for creating it!!! <3

  62. This is a cute and creative way to give back while also receiving for your own child. These animals just look cute and I know it would make me feel so much better knowing I donated to such a good cause such as save the children especially on resources such as education. We can all make a change!

  63. we have a toy drive this weekend and these soft toys are a great way for the donation to mean even more. thank you for sharing.

  64. Those soft toys are adorable! I’ve never had the chance to shop at Ikea but would love to..wonder if they have an online shop?Will have to check on that..I think it’s great when companies do promotions like this and donate back to a worthy cause. It makes me more interested in buying their product.

  65. Really surprised IKEA has a soft plush line.. these are really adorable and easily affordable.. did you see the cute little mice and bulldog

  66. I love Ikea and even more-so now that I know they have a foundation to help educate kids. I like that. My boyfriend is a teacher and he does alot of donating to similar charities for children in need and for education.

  67. That is great that Ikea does that. We do not have an Ikea near where I live, so I didn’t know that they had yours not donated for every soft toy sold. Great idea

  68. I’ve never lived anywhere close enough to buy or order from Ikea before, but now that I do and I know about such a great campaign, I’ll be looking to do just that for the holidays. Thanks for spreading the word!

  69. These toys are adorable! I love when companies like IKEA sell cute little stuffed friends and donate the earnings to a good cause.

  70. I think it is wonderful that Ikea is sponsoring the IKEA Holiday Soft Toys Campaign and that they are donating monies to help children worldwide. There is so much need and their efforts to help are admirable. Thank you Ikea! Happy holidays!

  71. I like the idea that bloggers are willing to use their blogs to get the word out about these wonderful organizations that want to help improve the future for our children. Thank you for using your blog to put the word out

  72. i used to go to ikea all of the time, but there is not one near me now…love their toys….these are so cute, what a great campaign.

  73. What a wonderful thing Ikea is doing for the children! I will take a look at what they have. Thank you for sharing :)

  74. It is nice to know that there are amazing people like you in the world that look out for our Children’s Happiness.

  75. Not only are ikea soft toys suitable for children of all ages…I think it is very honorable for Ikea to donate 1.00 from the sale of each one to educate kids!!! There should be more companies willing to help our youth….they are our future!!!

  76. Ikea is my favorite store in the whole world. I always go there when I am in the vicinity. Always. Awesome review. Thanks.

  77. Nature is such a big canvas and there is photographic opportunity everywhere. At such times a camera is your best friend.

  78. These stuffed animals are so cute I wish had an IKEA close to me! And I love that money goes to a good cause.

  79. I love Ikea and their soft toys are so soft I bought them for my children when they were little and they still have them. I like the price they are reasonable.

  80. i have always bought items that give back when you buy there items. its like giving two gifts in one. 1 for the person you are buying it for and the one that the donation is going for!

  81. These would be perfect for my 10 month old and it would be helping someone else at the same time.

  82. It is the season for giving. I think this an awesome idea. No child should go without a special something at Christmas time. Good luck!

  83. I think it’s wonderful of Ikea to donate money to Unicef! What a great cause! I will most definitly be recommending Ikea to friends and family in the future!

  84. I actually loves these! Leave it to IKEA to have a stylish looking stuffed animal. I love the dalmation and the broccoli.

    • Oh my goodness. My last comment had so many typos! “I actually love these! Leave it to IKEA to have a stylish looking stuffed animals. I love the dalmation and the broccoli.”

  85. The stuffed animals are so cute and how awesome is it that you can buy stuffed animals for your kids and help a child in need!! I’m going to have to go get one for my son!!

  86. We love all the soft toys but especially lik like the Elephant and the circus finger puppets sets:-) it is great that Ikea donates!

  87. What a cute idea! All the animals are adorable..and thank you so much for giving back!! Happy holiday to you and yours!!

  88. this is a great idea. not only does your child get a great toy, but you are also helping children who are less fortunet in other countries. i told my daughter and she is going to check into it for my granddaughter. if not i will. thanks for the idea.

  89. I love Klappar! So cute and huggable! I love giving stuffed animals as gifts. My daughter is 17 now, but she still loves her stuffed toys.

  90. I love win-win situations. One child gets a wonderful gift to treasure forever and one will get a life changing much needed program.

  91. In the past I have purchased the little finger puppet sets. They always have so many varieties of them and they are all adorable. They are also quite affordable and provide a lot of different opportunities for kids imagination to be put to use. I also like the fact that they are small and portable so that you can take them with you on the go.

    I went and looked at this years new crop of softies and spotted a full sized owl puppet. My daughter would fall in love with that one!

  92. I never even thought about Ikea for stuffed animals! I like to donate a few small things to less fortunate children in our hospital at Christmas. I think I’ll pick up a few stuffed animals from Ikea to throw into the mix!!Thanks for a great idea!

  93. I have yet to shop at Ikea because the nearest one is 2 hours away. I WILL get there though…and come ready to spend some cash. How wonderful that they donate the proceeds from their plush toys!

  94. Taking care of our young people by supporting education…doesn’t get much better than that! Way to go IKEA!

  95. I like the idea that IKEA is giving back.I didn’t know about this program. I also love the idea that these soft toys are so inexpensive. It’s especially good for littl ones who like to fling their toys around. Can’t do too much damage with a soft toy. Thanks for the article.

  96. this is great because usually companies only donate like .10 but they are donating a whole dollar everytime someone buys one!

  97. These soft toys are so cute. I like the gosig golden dog the best. It is nice that ikea is making a donation when you purchase one.

  98. To be honest I had no idea Ikea had and did such wonderful things. I seriously thought they were all about furniture. I seriously need to look into things more often. I’m sure they’d have a Soft Toy for all 5 of my family members. I just LOVE stuffed animals.

  99. I honestly admit when I previously thought of IKEA toys is not something that came to mind! This post has piqued my curiosity. Next time we go I’ll definitely check it out!

  100. My only daughter is pregnant and of course, I want to take pictures of her growing baby belly. She is 12 weeks now so there is still time! I will have a new grandbaby in July! I am so excited! Presently, whenever I want a photo taken, I have to convince said daughter to come over to take the pictures. It would be nice to have my own camera.

  101. Love this idea! I don’t have an IKEA near me but I’ll be picking out a few of these as Christmas presents. These look very well made and they’re cute too! I think it’s wonderful they are donating to such a great cause.

  102. What a great campaign. Its a win win. what child doesn’t like a soft toy for Christmas or any other time, and then also a donation to a great cause. Here is an idea, buy a soft toy and donate it to Toys for Tots program and really make a double difference!!
    [email protected]

  103. One of the few toys that you can give to a child and you do not have to worry about the child getting hurt from it. Adorable

  104. love donating toys to kids ! My doctor does a donation day in Dec. When u donate a toy your co pay is $0 !!

  105. It is wonderful that Ikea donates to children in need thats awesome. Isn’t that the important thing about Christmas is giving!!!! This is what I am doing giving to the womens shelter for those who don’t have much of any thing.. Have some extra items and taking them this week.. Thank you and Merry Christmas everyone..

  106. This is awesome. It breaks my heart to see little ones bop themselves in the face with a hard plastic toy.

  107. Wow, this is a great campaign. Buying a gift for a loved ones and helping those in need! Two birds with one stone. I love this!

  108. This is a great campaign that benefits both the giver and receiver, as the products are “educational” and the money donated by UNICEF will be contributed to the education fund.

  109. I would love to check into the Ikea toys. I don’t have any young children right now, but a puppy that loves to snuggle with stuffed toys. Thanks for the review!

  110. What a fabulous idea! I think is a wonderful thing and they look like they are all so cute :D I would love to get one of these for my each of my kids!!

  111. It’s always great to see companies give back. Way to go! Wish we had an Ikea that was a little closer, I’d be sure to go more often- and definitely be buying some stuffed critters.

  112. This campaign would really help a lot of child. I salute you for being so generous to these children. God bless you all who work hard to build this blog. :D

  113. Not only do I love IKEA to shop, but this campaign is great. I’ll make sure to pick up a soft toy next time I go.

  114. Sorry, I hit send, did not finish! I love what Ikea is doing–years ago I was one of those kids. A neighbor gave me a purse as a present and I cherished it. I have tried to find her to thank her, but haven’t been able to
    So far.

  115. I would love to win something. and i love shopping at IKEA its the best at shopping for various household things and great place.

  116. Thank you for the great review of the IKEA soft toys. They are super soft and nice stuffed animals etc. My kids have several Of the IKEA and I wash them all the time because they are played with so much. Thank you so much for all your help. Merry Christmas!!

  117. Great idea.. Love that they donate to a charity.. Cute stuffed animals.. My boys are 13 and 11 and still love animals..

  118. I love it when companies donate a portion of the sales to charity. It makes me more likely to purchase items from them :)

  119. The IKEA Soft Toys for Education Campaign
    Is Great Because for every IKEA Soft Toy or children’s book you buy, the IKEA Foundation donates $1.00 to education programs worldwide.
    IKEA Just Opened A Store In Manitoba
    And I’ll Have To Go Check It Out.

  120. This is amazing! I would like to know if they are donating to a specific area of education…my daughter has dyslexia and we have invested so much even just in the testing and it would be great for parents to have assistance with the cost of testing since more children struggle than people realize

  121. This sounds like a great idea. It would be nice for people to be able to choose something of their choice. It would make each person happy, and allow them to place a smile on someone’s face.

  122. This is a great idea! I have a nephew that would love these! I have done fundraisers for UNICEF before and I really love their organization.

  123. These are beautiful and affordable at the same time. Thinking of giving the tots in our family one for Christmas.

  124. I’m so glad to hear about this! I saw that adorable broccoli plush at ikea last time and i wasn’t sure if i should get it, but i think i will now! They are soo soft too! :D

  125. IKEA Soft Toys are reasonably priced and I like that IKEA makes a donation each time one is purchased. Good thinking IKEA.

  126. The IKEA soft Toy campaign is such a great idea! I did not have any idea about it until your review. I love when A company dedicates a portion of their proceeds to make the world a little better place!

  127. Love that for every IKEA Soft Toy or children’s book you buy, the IKEA Foundation donates $1.00 to education programs worldwide supported by UNICEF and Save the Children. I have been a long time IKEA shopper and never realized they were doing this. Kudos to IKEA!

  128. What a great thing IKEA is doing to help all of us help others, in such an easy way. I’m definitely going to purchase one! Thanks for the information!!!

  129. I don’t think I have bought toys there ever, but I think given what they are doing now is a good time to start!

  130. I love gifts that do more such as donate to a needy child as these do, and that’s what we try to give when possible. :) My dogs are spoiled rotten as well, and Max especially cuddles them and carries them around.

  131. I think they are adorable, and thought the rabbit would be perfect for my dog. She did not like it at all. Apparently, she only likes stuffed animals when she can pull out tufts of fur.

    I’ve decided, though, that this makes them even better for babies, as I now know the fur cannot be pulled apart and eaten.

  132. I think that this is a wonderful cause and the stuffed animals are so adorable and cuddly. This is a very wonderful thing :)

  133. I almost wish my grands were younger to appreciate these toys now. I would like to still get the beary ones and froggy ones for the grands.

  134. I love that “every IKEA Soft Toy or children’s book you buy, the IKEA Foundation donates $1.00 to education programs worldwide supported by UNICEF and Save the Children.” Some of these toys don’t even cost $1! This is a very generous thing to do.

  135. I love Ikea soft toys! Some of my favorite stuffed animals from when my son was a baby came from Ikea. I went there specifically to get him a small soft bear he would be able to hold onto with tiny hands and Ikea did not disappoint! Those are ones I will be saving for him to pass on to his children when he is grown up & has his own family someday.

  136. Ikea has wonderful design and prices…I could do my whole house in them! I was so happy when they opened one nearby!

  137. I love that they are involved in donating to educational programs with all the cuts to education we have been going through lately! WTG! IKEA!!!

  138. To be honest, I’ve heard of IKEA but never really knew who they were and what they did. I’ve only heard of them through radio ads and such. What they are doing here is an excellent idea to help children with their education. Especially now a days because of the economy. This is a great was to show support and donate.

  139. I have still never been to ikea, kinda bums me out haha. There is one here in Michigan but it’s a couple hours away. Next time we’re down that way I want to convince my husband to stop there :)

  140. I love IKEA and I love that they are doing something amazing for people this season! Makes me love the company even more!

  141. You know, it’s just too funny. I was reading this post and thinking about my dogs and wondering if I could pick up a couple for them that would hold up to their not so tender loving care and then you mentioned Harley, lol.

  142. This is such a neat idea. I love IKEA but there isn’t one close to use. Next time we go though I will definitly be buying all my kids a stuffed animal!

  143. Bought a dalmation for my son from Ikea this year, such a great cause. I love doing business with companies that give back like this. Thanks for sharing!

  144. I love that they are donating to educational programs. My daughter has dyslexia and so many children could benefit from more educational involvement and this helps make that help possible!

  145. Am I the last to find out Ikea has toys?? LOL I am loving that they are donating to charity. I knew I loved Ikea..(I don’t have kids….Maybe why i never knew about the toys)..

  146. My dog would love to chew these up. They look cute, but why don’t they make a donation anyway and get it done. I never understood why these companies will not give up their money and donate, they only give money depending on how many items they sell.

  147. I have to see if my husband would let me order one! I went to the site and they even have clothes for them!
    I love programs for good causes, warms my heart to see that there are still decent people in the world who CARE about the well being of others!

    Thank you for all that you do IKEA!

  148. I love IKEA’s soft toy campaign. There’s no guilt in treating my kids to a toy knowing that a portion is going to a worthy cause. I would not have known about this program had it not been for your post. Thanks for sharing.

  149. Love Ikea! These would make great emergency gifts for unexpected visitors or birthdays – great stock up price and is for a great cause!

  150. So good to see that companies like Ikea are helping others. With the prices of everything going up, you have a hard time not buying something that gives back. Thank you, Ikea.

  151. These soft animals are so adorable. I wish I would have known about this a little sooner to buy some for my son. I would not mind buying any of these since they support a good cause. Thanks for sharing this information.

  152. I think this is wonderful. This benefits Education as well as Children, two important causes at once. Love this!

  153. It is wonderful to see businesses such as IKEA get involved with contributing to organizations such as these. I would love to see IKEA and others do even more toward this goal. For now, kudos to IKEA for taking the first step.

  154. I purchased a soft toy from ikea about a week ago and didnt realize this campaign was going on. Thanks for letting me know.

  155. I remember saying this before…but donating is important. it doesn’t cost much and it helps someone else.

  156. These soft toys look great for my daughter and for my moms animals. I also love that Ikea donates $1 to education for every soft animal that you buy. Hopefully this will give some people the incentive to buy these because we need help in the education department.

  157. What a great thing IKEA is doing. I don’t go there often because its quite a drive, but I think I will make a special trip to get this toy.

  158. I love Ikea’s soft toys. They are so SOFT. I purchased one each for my niece and nephew and had to get one for myself as well.

  159. I love them all! would like to win thanks for the chance. I donate by make cards for Hospitalized Kids they all have major health issues. I love to see when big companies donate like this.

  160. I always buy a couple of the stuffed toys whenever we go to IKEA. It’s a great cause, and the toys are perfect to fit into our “Operation Christmas Child” boxes every year. Thanks for spreading the word about this wonderful program!!

  161. I love when you can buy something really cute & do something good at the same time. I usually donate when someone asks me at the store. I try to buy the things that have a proceed going to an organization. I will have to check these out.

  162. Oh my gosh I love them all and I love that they support UNICEF. My favorite would have to be the GOSIG GOLDEN Soft toy, yellow

  163. This is a great thing that IKEA is doing. I really hate stuffed toys though,I’d rather just donate the cash.

  164. I’ve only been to Ikea twice and never thought about going there for toys. Will have try and make a trip. we have a really nice one here in NJ.

  165. Those are adorable and for a great cause. I like the ones that Kohls has at their stores, as well. Always a great gift for kids!

  166. Thank you for the information on the Ikea toys. I wish I was closer to a store, these would make awesome donation items!

  167. i love the idea of buying a soft toy to give to someone that needs it. I didn’t know Ikea did this.

  168. The IKEA Soft Toys for Education Campaign is totally awesome, more corporations should be doing things like this!!!

  169. I bought some soft toys at Ikea because I think it’s wonderful that they donate $1 from each sale to charity!

  170. love that they donate!!! i am much more willing to buy things if i know that the company is making a donation :)

  171. We went to IKEA on Sunday and my son saw some toys. He kept running around the store with them. He insisted upon taking them out of the bins and displaying them everywhere in the showroom. It was cute.

  172. What a fantastic program! IKEA soft toys for education is definitely something that anyone can do to do their part helping in their community. I know i will be participating! Great cause! :-)

  173. How precious are these soft toys and thank you Ikea for giving back in such a wonderful way to help the world.

  174. I love buying from a company that is willing to donate their hard earned money from products they sold! I feel better about buying from those companies because they are willing to givr back to people.

  175. These are very cute, but I have a problem with only $1 being donated. There are plenty of charities that sell toys and give ALL of the proceeds to the cause. IKEA should stick to furniture…sorry to be a downer, but that’s my opinion.

  176. I wish more companies were as generous as IKEA. Great idea to raise money and the stuffed animals are adorable!

  177. I think its a great thing that IKEA is doing this. The toys are adorable as well! Will have to pick some up for my nieces and nephews. Thank you for sharing!

  178. Such a worthy cause, kudos IKEA! I have to agree with you about toys for the 4 legged kids in our lives. If we buy something for our daughter, Paige well then, we’d better pick one up for our doggie, Lucy!

  179. I wish more people cared about education, Our kids are the ones missing out because they feel cutting school programs and funding is more important then finding other way to come up with money. I think what ikea is going is amazing and not only helping education but children in need for the holidays. Way cool

  180. these toys are so cute and such a great idea! I love that when you buy these you are not only getting a cute stuffed animal but helping other kids in the process!

  181. OMG, those animals are soooo cute!!!! I have never been to an Ikea. I need to, but the closest one is 4 hours away

  182. These stuffed toys look so squishable and squeezable! I will definitely have to see them in person!

  183. It’s so awesome that they’re giving back like that! I’ve always heard great things about Ikea, but we don’t have one in my area.

  184. I’m happy to see IKEA donating to education, and using items up for purchase that people actually want, at reasonable prices. These stuffed animal toys are adorable looking, with friendly faces and soft fur, so children benefit on both sides!

  185. This is such a wonderful way to help with donations to education, the soft animal toys are so lovable and children will love them!!
    Thanks :)

  186. I have never been to IKEA. We don’t have one! I adore the little stuffed carrot and broccoli though. I support any campaign that supports education, it is a shame that so many people take it for granted. I am always telling my daughter that she is lucky because she lives in a country where education is available to all, and there are still some places in the world that it is not. She doesn’t believe me…

  187. i think this is a wonderful idea,,if they sell many of these toys it could be wonderful for alot of children who are behind or just have a hard time or even the children who do fine but are in bad school education is a must

  188. I love this idea. I think more businesses should donate to children and organizations that support children. I work at a childrens hospital and know first hand how good this can be!

  189. Thanks for sharing this information with me. My daughter would love a new soft toy, but to be honest I’ll get one for myself as well :)

  190. This is a fantastic idea. There are plenty of of little ones in my life that love soft toys. And there are 3 little pups that would love them too. And most importantly, it is for an amazing cause!

  191. I had no idea Ikea Foundation supports Save the Children and UNICEF. It is great to learn that this company gives back to important causes.

  192. ikea ROCKS!!! my fiance and i went shopping there for items for our reception and we were told, after the reception, that ours was the most beautiful one that had been in that hall….to find out that not only does ikea have great things to buy, BUT donates to educational organizations just makes them that more special.

  193. The IKEA toys are wonderful. That is a great company.I love that they give back. There store in Charlotte is wonderful. I think even more of them now that I know this.

  194. These adorable little toys would be great to donate to local children’s hospitals, firemen & police stations. Then they’d be doing double good between your efforts and IKEA’s donation.

  195. i had never even heard of these before but i know a few of my friends’ little ones would love to get one of these from auntie becky! and then the fact they are donating to a good cause just makes them better!:D

  196. while buying a new coffee table, i came across the giraffe ! my daughter LOVEs giraffes, i did not know about the donation, great stuffies ! love ikea

  197. These toys are really cute! I love toys being fun and educational too! Ikea comes up with lots of good ideas!

  198. Love that IKEA is already a great company, and this toy campaign to help children around the world makes them even better!

  199. This is great considering most states our cutting funding towards education which is outrageous.

  200. The nearest IKEA is probably five or six hours away on the highway, which is totally tragic. I’d be there every week if it was local to us, maybe more often knowing they support educational initiatives… heh. Maybe it’s lucky we don’t live near one!

  201. I love how unique and cute these toys are. The fox is my favorite but they are all something my daughter would love.

  202. Very generous of IKEA to donate a toy for each one purchased. I’ve never been to an actual IKEA store but look forward to it.

  203. I love ikea….I just wish there was a store closer to me. I am still old school when it comes to buying things.

  204. This is a great idea! We always try to do a toy charity gift each year, either through a group or through our kids’ daycare! I will definitely keep IKEA’s soft toys in mind in the future!

  205. I love Ikea and I love this program. I wish there was an Ikea closer to me. I lived close to one before I moved and went at least once a month. Great company.

  206. This is an awesome and simple way to help the needy. God bless you for this cause!

  207. I shop IKEA at least once every three months and wasn’t aware of this great campaign! What an awesome idea and company to do this. It’s already come and gone now but hopefully they will bring it out again next Christmas!

  208. I have not been to an IKEA but this is an amazing thing for them to be a part of! It’s amazing when places like IKEA give back to the communities.

  209. I think it’s wonderful of Ikea to donate money to Unicef for such a great cause…Love IKEA

  210. We’ve made it a point in the last few years to try and make every purchase count…it’s a little easier at Chrismas-time because so many companies are “donating with purchase”.. Ikea is awesome, year round :)

  211. We love Ikea products, my daughter has one of their stuffed dogs that she’s had since she was a baby and she’s now 4 so they certainly withstand a lot of play, I simply wish we had an Ikea close to our home, the nearest one is just over 2 hours away.

  212. This is very good for Ikea to do this. I have always liked Ikea. It is nice to see they are giving back to the community.

  213. I had no idea IKEA had stuffed animals. I love that you took pics. They are very unique. Love it.

  214. I love IKEA! they are my go to for unique stuff for me and gifts for friends – especially little friends. Eco Friendly and sweet toys like this…plus supporting something so wonderful?! makes me happy

  215. I have always been a fan of IKEA and love them for their uniqueness. Now after reading this I love them even more. I think its great that they have these cute little guys that anyone can enjoy and part of the proceeds go towards helping children. :) I want one!

  216. I love Vandring Bjorn …the bear…he is adorable!! I wish they had a penguin! My daughter loves penguins. This is a great think IKEA is doing. Good for them!

  217. Could have used more of these soft toys today when one brother whacked the other with a hard toy. Matchbox bloodbath!

  218. What a wonderful thing that IKEA is doing for the children in need! These are so adorable I will for sure be making a purchase of a few of these for my children and nieces and nephew!! You can’t beat this opportunity or prices of them! Thanks for sharing this information!

  219. that a great idea giving kid the stuff animal they did it here when the tornado hit and then police carry them in cars here

  220. These toys are adorable. I know a few little kids that would be very excited to receive any one of them. It’s even better that it goes to a good cause.

  221. The toys are so cute and what a wonderful cause. I wish a lot of businesses, etc, would take more of an initiative and do more things for charities to make a bigger difference in the world!

  222. This is a great idea. Children deserve to have something to hold onto and play with. It helps stretch their imagination and gives them something to talk to or hold when they’re upset. I hope many children get toys this year.

  223. It’s so nice to see IKEA doing nice things for children. They have some of the cutest stuffed animals!

  224. I wish there was an Ikea locally. I’ve seen and heard of so many great products. Many in the near future! I can only hope!

  225. I wish we had an Ikea store around here, looks like I’m stuck to buying online, but this is an awesome thing that they do. And plushies starting at .40? I THINK SO!

  226. Anything that is done to help others, especially children, is a great! We are all supposed to help others that are in need!

  227. the soft toy program is great! It seems like a lot of companies have things like that, jewelery stores have bears for St. Jude’s…Kohsl has charity items and you see them everywhere. I hope everyone helps in some way.

  228. I don’t guess I even realized that IKEA sold toys. I will have to keep this in mind for future holidays and gift purchases.

  229. I love to see big companies actually follow through with there donations to charities would love to see the check and photo for when they present it to the charity.

  230. I think that money collected to be used for Education…no matter where… is a great gift for all children.

  231. I have already bought a few of these…you can never have too many soft toys in your childs room!!!! And some of the money is going to a great cause! WIN! WIN!!!

  232. Love IKEA wish we had a store near us, this is a great way to give back esp to kids Thank you IKEA for all your doing.

  233. Is it totally unheard of that I have never been to IKEA? I have never even walked by one. I don’t think I live too close to any but I’ve heard so much about them that I just got to go. But now I have a reason to go – to buy some soft toys!

  234. I think it’s funny that your dog Harley likes to cuddle with them. If my dog got hold of one of these toys, it would be destroyed in minutes.

  235. This is awesome that they donate for each animal sold. I really like the fox. He is sooo cute. These are very cute. I haven’t ever been to IKEA either but, keep hearing about it..

  236. I think its a great thing that IKEA is partnering with educators to help our children in the school system! I know I’ll be buying those adorable soft toys for` my kids, and myself!! :) God Bless!!!

  237. I think this is fantastic! What kid wouldn’t want one of those adorable critters to snuggle with, and then you also get the satisfaction of knowing you have helped donate to UNICEF and children’s educational programs. It’s wonderful.

  238. I wish I would have known about this before it was over. Guess I will just have to remember this next year.

  239. We go to IKEA pretty often, but I never really paid attention to the toys. I”ll make sure I take a look and pick up a soft toy next time.

  240. This is wonderful!! I’m just sorry I didn’t see this in time for the holidays. I will check it out though. My fur babies love stuffed animals and I’m always on the lookout for good ones for them.

  241. I wish I would have known about this sooner. It is great!!! I don’t live that close to an IKEA. The nearest one is 3 hours away. I’ll have to check it out online.

  242. Half the furniture in our house is from IKEA & I love it. I didn’t know they had stuffed animals though. That’s neat. It’s awesome that they’re helping out giving stuffed animals & other things to kids in need. I wish I had known about the program earlier! I’ll look for it next year!

  243. Love Save the Children! I think it’s great of IKEA to donate $1 for every soft toy bought or children’s book bought! That should help a lot with the organization!!

  244. I have noticed that over the years IKEA tends to have more of an educational tendency with their toys. They tend to almost go old school with their design and what they bring to a child to learn like in the old days in my opinion.

  245. I did a couple of these over the holiday season and makes you feel you did a little to help anyhow

  246. That was such a cool thing for IKEA to do! Too bad I didn’t hear about it before it ended. Bet they raised a lot of money.

  247. I love these toys so much and I really love that they donate 1.00 to education programs that are supported by UNICEF and Save the Children.

  248. What a great idea to offer a child a nice toy-and dog to, and to give portions of the proceeds to education programs from around the world, AWESOME.

  249. I Never knew that IKEA had soft toys and I think it is wonderful that they donate to such a good cause! IKEA is wonderful for making donations!

  250. I love it when companies give back and help those in need. While I would purchase the toy because of the donation I am not a huge fan in how the products don’t look all that “soft”.

  251. We dont have an Ikea yet in our area but we will in 2014 so I am super excited to be able to participate charitable events like this when the store opens!

  252. IKEA rocks as it is, and the fact that they Support UNICEF and Save the Children Educational Programs in 40 Countries is definitely an added plus!

  253. I’ve only been to ikea once because its so far from my house although I could spend an entire day there looking at everything!

  254. like that Ikea is doing this. Great way to raise money for a good cause and parents get their kids a cute soft toy

  255. I didn’t even know IKEA did this sort of thing! I don’t usually shop with IKEA because the closest one is like 4 hours away :( but this is really cool and very affordable! I love when I’m able to hit two birds with one stone – helping others and making my son (or dogs – I have three!!) happy :D

  256. what kid wouldn’t love these toys!! this is so great. I always see things about IKEA and wished there was one in my area. Maybe soon. Keep up the great work..

  257. I hear so much about ikea, I wish we had one around where I live, these soft animals are so cute! My daughter would love them

  258. I don’t have an Ikea nearby but would shop for things like the adorable stuffed animals if it were.

  259. I love IKEA, but have not yet gotten to see these Soft Toys in person. They look cute as can be in the pictures. It is certainly a worthwhile cause to help children in need.

  260. I love the detail in some of those animals’ faces… And the big broccoli cracks me up. That’s one way to get my kids to like their vegetables!

  261. This is a great program!! They have some of the cutest stuffed animals, and the prices are GREAT. It’s just a bummer that they don’t sell them online!?!? I would have bought a few of them by now. Thanks for the information!