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398940D450569047F5205C5CC105AEE3As a kid, one of my favorite all time games to play was YAHTZEE. I think this is because my parents played it weekly with our neighbors and I wanted to play the “grown-up” games too! Although the game is a kid friendly game as well, but in our house YAHTZEE belonged to the grown-ups. So, I was more than thrilled when I had to opportunity to review the newest version of YAHTZEE. Hasbro and upgraded it’s older version to represent that more of a casino style board game. World Series of YAHTZEE board game is as fun as it gets!

So far we’ve spent hours as a family playing the Hasbro family board games. Is seems that back in my days as a child board games were IT! WE LOVED THEM, WE PLAYED THEM ENDLESSLY! But, in our kiddos generation technology has taken over and families aren’t spending enough quality time together. In my home, we’ve put a stop to that. We now have designated Saturdays to our family night. And everyone in the house has to be there unless they are sick! Not that it’s a problem they are all loving our new family night with Hasbro. Aside from the many Hasbro games we’ve tried out, Yahtzee has become one of our favorites.  The game is designed for age: 8+ but we’ve found a way to include our little ones by helping them play. I mean what is family game night if you can’t include everyone? You can also play with 2-4 players. This game is a big time hit in our home.

If you’re family is looking for a way to break the ice and have your own family game night, I strongly suggest you check out the Hasbro game shop and get ready for some serious fun family time!


“Rock the roll with the World Series of Yahtzee game. It’s a fast-paced, casino-inspired, face-to-face dice showdown, where everyone rolls together and tries to match their dice to the Yahtzee game combination cards on the board. Roll fast to try and get the highest score, and be the first to lock in and start the electronic timer. When the rock-and-roll countdown ends and everyone stops rolling, grab your card for points. Highest score at the end of the game wins! Do you have what it takes to win World Series of Yahtzee”?
Race to Roll Big
“The World Series of Yahtzee contest is the fastest way to play the classic game of Yahtzee. In this supercharged dice race, there’s no waiting to take your turn and no scores to keep. Just deal out the combo cards onto the gameboard and keep rolling until you match a card. Are you a roll-and-look player, or a concentrate-on-getting-one-card player? Whichever way you play, you need to lock in to the electronic timer first to be guaranteed your pick of the cards on the board”.



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