GiftCrowd: Ties Gift Giving Up with a Bow


It’s that time of year when gift giving can become a frenzy. Shoppers are needing gifts for Teachers, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Father’s Day and all those June Weddings. Often these become group gifting opportunities and that means someone needs to organize and keep tabs on who is in, the money that’s been collected and who still needs to be contacted.  Just what super busy people need to add to their already packed schedules – NOT!  GiftCrowd turns this daunting task into a piece of cake.

A friend who used GiftCrowd to arrange the team’s gift for her son’s soccer coach told me about GiftCrowd and when I had to arrange a gift for a friend’s housewarming I decided to give it a try. Creating a gift was easy and took no more than a couple of minutes, I was asked to provide few basic details such as who to send the gift to and when to send it, specified the amount I recommend others to contribute and used my credit card to contribute the same amount myself. I also added my personal greeting that no one other than the gift recipient can see. (Please  note that name and email address in screen shots are fictional.  A new gift was created, to show readers the process.)
I was then given the ability to invite my friends to join by entering their email address or by selecting them on Facebook or Whatsapp. There is even the option of pasting a unique gift link, into any online conversation or another program that the gift creator might wish to use.

What happens next?

The friends I invited to join received an email, clicked the gift link and added their contribution using credit/debit cards. As they did not even have to log in, it took them no more than a minute or two. Most of them also added a personal greeting.
Then Voilà…on the housewarming date, my happy friend was notified of her gift, the total amount that has been collected and was given the information on how to redeem it into one or more of over 50 types of gift cards including:
  • – for anyone and anything
  • Barnes and Noble for the book lover
  • Lowes – for the do it yourselfer
  • Sephora – for the beauty queen
  • JCPenney – for mom maybe
  • Home Depot – for Father’s Day
  • Game Stop – for the teenager in your life
  • Khol’s – for the bride and groom
  • Dick’s sporting goods – for the athlete
  • GAP – for the grad
  • Banana Republic – for the new professional
  • Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us, to name just a few!
My friend also read all the greetings and send her thank you notes in return.
I can see how users will use GiftCrowd for gifting Teachers, kid’s coaches, co-workers.  Bridesmaids can send a group gift to the bride. Relatives and friends from across the country can purchase for a baby shower. How about all the kids and grand kids purchasing something special for mom/grandma for her Birthday or for both parents/grandparents on a special wedding anniversary! The possibilities are endless.
GiftCrowd does not charge any fees for the service, neither from gift buyers nor from gift recipients. The service is really built for parents who cannot afford wasting precious time on something that can be done so easily via GiftCrowd. As for me, I will surely use GiftCrowd again.






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jenny finney

This is such a neat tool to use! It looks so simple and very detailed to everything someone needs to know about giving gifts. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard about this, but never looked into it. This may be something I will use.

colleen wool

I have never heard of this before. It looks like a great way to arrange for a gift for all types of occasions. I think i would use it for someones anniversary.

Censie Sawyer

What a great tool to use for gifts. I had not heard of this option yet. I would see us using this for those gifts that are for out of town people Great idea and super easy to use.

Jennifer Pilgrim

This is one of the coolest gifting services I have seen on the internet yet. These would be great for those loved ones who live a little farther away. Thanks for introducing me to this.

Lian Wright

This is a great idea, especially for people who want to get something special for their friend for a special occasion. This way, there is no guess work as to what to give or if there will be duplicate gifts. It’s also fabulous that the receiver can redeem all of their gifts in one place and can use them as they please.

Amanda Kee

I think I may have heard of something a bit similar to this before. I can’t remember the name though. This looks pretty awesome though. Gift buying can be so time-consuming sometimes and a bit of a challenge. This looks like it would make things a bit easier and organized!

Ali Rost

I’m not kidding .. the list of gifts I need to but this weekend is right here on my desk. Mother’s Day .. four graduations .. two birthdays .. something special for my hubby because he’s awesome. I’m going to give this a try! A million thank-yous for saving me from the mall or the online shopping abyss!

Erinn s

This is fantastic and I love that it collects and keeps it all until a specific date. Then to. E able to send Thank You notes right from the same platform is great! I always forget when I have to hand write them

Bites for Foodies

This is such an awesome tool!!! My girlfriends and I are all turning 40 this year so we’re pitching in money for each of our gifts…this would be a great gift option!


What a great idea!! I was recently part of a production where all the cast members wanted to contribute towards a gift for our producers – this would have certainly come in handy!!

Tiffany Haywood

What a great idea!! I was recently part of a production where all the cast members wanted to contribute towards a gift for our producers – this would have certainly come in handy!!