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Escape to Nogginsland With Noggin Stickers


The thing about Nogginsland is that anywhere your Noggins are, makes it Nogginsland. Here, in a place where our tiny friends live to serve our little loved ones in bringing more finesse to their fine motor skills while keeping them entertained. Noggin Stickers along with the Noggins Starter Set can lead to hours of learning fun!

Escape to Nogginsland With Noggin Stickers

Helping children to foster their imaginations is a lifelong gift.  Self play as entertainment is an essential  part of child development! Add in the fine motor skills and visualization and play turns into learning.

Escape to Nogginsland With Noggin Stickers

“Noggin Starter Set – Fine Motor and Visual Motor Skill Development in Young Children through Play and Imagination – Stickers and Activities.”

The Noggins Starter Set includes:

  1. Four adorable and awesome Noggins.
  2. A 30-page instructional booklet includes all information related to the use and care of Noggins and their associated accessories. There are directions related to the worksheets, the language, and usage of the stickers.
  3. Four sets or four different worksheets are included as a 16-page activity pad with removable sheets. These worksheets are specifically designed for use with the Noggins, and offer fun and entertaining, but also developmentally and educationally sound activities for children.
  4. Store all the Noggins and accessories neatly in the included non-woven carry-all.
Escape to Nogginsland With Noggin Stickers

“The Noggin Stickers are versatile. They can be attached to virtually any object, and then easily repositioned or removed. Noggins can be used to teach scissor skills, improve pencil grip, and develop prehension patterns or various grasps. They transform tools and objects into characters and creatures, sparking imagination, and allowing children to learn and grow through play.”

Escape to Nogginsland With Noggin StickersNoggin Stickers

Noggin Stickers are inexpensive and fun.  Children learn as they play. The repositionable foam stickers turn tools and objects into creatures and characters, resulting in hours of imaginative play. Pretending is a natural form of developmental play.

Color, cut, create and connect with Noggin Stickers!


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Desiree Lopez

My little ones would love to play with these Noggin sticker sets. It’s so cute how you can stick them on your fingers! I bet this would give me valuable time to do chores and catch up on paperwork too. Creative play that grants me “Mom time” is a bonus!


These are so cute. My grandkids would love these.


This is really great. I am always intrigued by what’s out there to help our little ones learn. What a fabulous share, going to share with my SIL.


Those are adorable! My little ones will have a fun time playing and crafting with them. Perfect for the days when I want to break them away from the screens.

Marcie W.

My son is on the autism spectrum and still struggles with some fine motor skills. I would like to use these unique stickers to help him learn to tie shoes!

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