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rangeWhen your little ones aren’t so little anymore, but not quite adults, they need something that smells and cleans better then your normal baby or child shampoo. That’s where Dubble Trubble comes in. This is a bath line perfect for pre-teens and teens. 

Celebrity hair colourist and Prince’s Trust Ambassador, Daniel Galvin Jr, introduces Dubble Trubble, a collection of five pH balanced Hair & Body washes and a Detangling mist, all utilizing organic botanical extracts.

These products are perfect because they smell amazing but also do a great job cleaning. My daughter is 13 and trying to figure out a happy medium between being a teen and still being a kid. She is starting to shower more and care what she looks like and smells like. I want to encourage this but I;m not readywatermelon for her to use grown up products. Plus she kinda has sensitive skin. Doubble Trubble is perfect for her. 

You can find Dubble Trubble products at Target. Being a product at Target means a great price! Perfect for any budget. 

I love using the detangling spray on my 4-year-old She has very long hair and hates having it in a pony and a braid only last for a few hours before she takes it out. This means loads of tangles and knots. The detangling spray not only works amazingly well but it smells great too. I find that some sprays smell good but don’t really detangle or they leave the hair looking greasy and weighed down. I only see soft, shinny hair when I use Dubble Trubble spray. Even my teen loves using the detangling spray for the hard to reach knots in the back. 

Daniel Galvin Jr comments… “I was always interested in what went in to baby shampoos, so in 2000, after my son was born, I began my research into ingredients in bathroom beauty products. The chemicals in haircare products today can ‘charge–up’ kids the same way sugar and junk foods can and 60% of synthetic ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin, so you can only imagine the harm it causes to children in the long run. Their delicate skins can be stripped of oil and children can often develop asthma or eczema.”






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