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AeroGarden ULTRA Review



ultra_ff_gh_1I love to garden, but I hate the heat that comes along with the hard work of outdoor gardening. I’m also a foodie, cooking is my thing and I love to experiment with different recipes! Using different herbs in my dishes is exciting to me. The problem is, I like to use fresh herbs, and unfortunately when I buy them at the super market, they tend to go bad before I can use them all. The great thing about the AeroGarden ULTRA is you can grow seven different plants at the same time! In my home we use a lot of tomatoes, peppers and cilantro all of which can be grown in the AeroGarden ULTRA at the same time.

For me, the Aerogarden is a necessity. Frankly I don’t know how I’ve lived without one all these years. Right now in my Aerogarden I’m growing Cilantro, Mint, Dill, Thyme, Garlic Chives, Italian parsley and Oregano. Because I have a deep passion for gardening and I live in the Midwest where the harsh winters prevent year-round gardening it makes sense to garden indoors. Over the years I’ve tried to produce an indoor garden and have failed miserably every time! My dad had a green thumb, he could grow anything anywhere. He didn’t pass that down to me, I’m a plant killer! Not long ago I purchased a cilantro plant, fully grown and beautiful, in two days it was DEAD!. Since I’ve been using the Aerogarden ULTRA, my plants are growing like crazy and the best part is, I really don’t have to do anything. Every two weeks I feed it a package of nutrients and that’s it.


While I’m only growing herbs at the present, I plan to add a second and third AeroGarden to my kitchen. In order to be able to grown all the plants I want, and year-round. The next two AeroGardens I’m going to add is one that houses tomatoes and peppers. Ideally, I’d like to keep one for just herbs and a second for the tomatoes and peppers. In addition, I love fresh flowers. AeroGarden has wide selection of flowers you can grow as well. You can grow your own full-sized vegetables, herbs, flowers, salad mixes and more, year round and in the comfort of your home, with these fully automated AeroGarden indoor gardens.

The new AeroGarden ULTRA holds seven pods, has a MyGarden control panel which makes indoor gardening fool proof. It also has MaxGrow Grow Lights and aluminum reflectors. In all, it has over 100 new improvements!


The Ultra germinates faster and more reliably, delivers more light to young plants, grows larger plants more easily and delivers greater yields and fruit sets than any other garden in our line. Features:

  • MyGarden Control Panel automatically controls all growing functions
  • Easy “QuickPlant” settings or complete customization of all critical garden functions
  • Our tallest garden yet – more than twice the height of the original AeroGarden 7 for growing bigger plants better. Still perfect for herbs and lettuce, too
  • On-screen clock makes changing light on/off settings easy.
  • Onboard “GardenCoach” displays timely tips that teach users to become better gardeners every time they grow
  • Twice the light of the AG7 and now with MaxGrow Grow Lights for even greater luminosity
  • Advanced users can easily customize all critical garden functions, including lights, nutrient cycle, and pump cycle
  • Germination mode increases seed germination rates
  • High Growth mode automatically increases oxygen and nutrient flow to fast-growing plants
  • Easy to set 24 hour light cycles for seedlings or enhanced vegetative growth
  • Includes new trellis system offering a wide variety of plant support options
  • Improved reminder system including audio alerts for nutrients and water
  • Detailed dashboard notes all critical garden info in one place
  • Improved lamp hood, reflectors and lamp arm for greater growth, easier adjustment


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I would love to win! I have a friend to has one and LOVES it! She always has fresh herbs. It’s wonderful!

Chevy Reid Roper

I love that this basically takes care of itself. I love to garden but here in Georgia, the heat tends to kill the garden before it even gets started. This would be a great way to ensure that we get the fresh products not only in the summer, but all year long! Great review for an awesome product that I will be looking into!

chrissy c

This is so cool! I love the thought of being able to grow things year round!

Darlene A

You can’t go wrong growing herbs & veggies with an AeroGarden. Perfect for the beginner or expert gardener. I also love the idea you can grow year round even when things might be out of season.

Angela Pennartz

I love growing plants, flowers, & herbs & have wanted one of these for so long…

Erica Mitchell

i love that these things are so easy to use and low maintenance! I’d love to have one of these, the growing season here in illinois is so terribly short and nothing grows outside in the winter! would be nice to have fresh herbs all year long.

Jean Bullock

We love Basil and like to grow several different varieties. I work so much that I haven’t had time to grow our herbs. With this wonderful Aerogarden, I would be able to grow the herbs we love and could tend it easily. Thanks for the chance to win this great product!

Vicky Allan

I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are allowing us this opportunity to have the chance at winning an AeroGarden. I know I sure would love to win this contest and own one for myself. I have always wanted one and would love to be able to grow fresh herbs right in my kitchen. My fingers are crossed. 🙂

Robin F

I am an avid gardener, but two years ago, we moved to a house with no good area to grow anything. Last year, I tried container gardening. As soon as anything started to grow, the Chicago city rats had a field day with my harvest. The Aerogarden would be a superb way to fix that!

Gail Gray

What a great idea! You can do so much in a little space, and add a touch of healthy color to your home at the same time!

Tammy Frederick-Leckbee
Tammy Frederick-Leckbee

This would be great to have at home. Fresh herbs can be so expensive and I love to garden and would like to start growing my own.

Bethany Bekas-Yarker

Do you think the automatice MyGarden Control Panel works as well as it would be from auto adjusting the plants and herbs?


I would love to try one of these! I want to learn about gardening so badly! I just love fresh herbs to cook with!!

Tenley Erickson

This would be so helpful for my flower and herb seeds! I love how compact and effective it is!

Jill Jacoby

I see they have made some changes since I last looked at AeroGarden. They increased the height and the lighting that I see. I am glad you did a review and are enjoying it because I don’t know anyone that has had one to ask if they recommended it. I have the opposite weather problem than you do, we get too hot and can’t grow anything during the summer months

Krissie M

Fresh veggies during the winter month’s would be an awesome thing for our family. For my hubby, I hope to win this. Thanks for the chance!

stephanie gonzalez

I rally like the new options (of what can be grown) It allows me to expand just what can go onto my table. I think the tomatoes would be perfect, they are so expensive most of the year, I have had almost no luck growing them in the Alaska summers.


This seems so awesome, I would love to have one. My husband and I are planning to start a garden and something like this would be very helpful.

ronnette gideon

I would love to try this hfor herbs my forst year gardening and this would help


I love how versatile this is. It is such a great way to have fresh herbs around all the time, and I could totally turn this into a great educational tool for my kids. They would love watching it grow. It looks fantastic!

Cathy Jarolin

The Areo Garden is an amazing product. My husband would love it ..Especially to grow his tomatoes..It has so many features on it to make bigger healthier plants. Thankyou for the chance…

Ana Shepard
This sounds goofy, but I have 3 adorable guinea pigs that I spoil, terribly. They LOVE fresh veggies, especially herbs, like cilantro (they eat it by sticking one end in their tiny mouths and sucking up the whole stalk….spaghetti style! SO CUTE!) . They also squeal for tomatoes, and any leafy green…which I have seen grown in these (I’ve been watching the AeroGarden, debating the purchase for, literally, years! It would make me so happy to be able to give my babes the freshest, cleanest, and organic veggies. I have a black thumb, so I think this is my only… Read more »

I think it’s great to be able to produce great veggies year round for your family.

Linda Bradshaw

this would be the coolest thing to have. I have never seen one before. I would love to have it!

laurie nykaza

I would love to have this. My son has to eat gluten free has Celiac’s & is diabetic with a heart transplant and he is really getting into at 28 making his own healthy foods to eat with lots of herbs. He can not drive so my poor husbands always running out to get fresh herbs when he cooks and it would be nice to have them right on the kitchen counter and be so fresh for him to eat

ellen beck

I love how the seeds can germinate more easily and be in optimum environment to thrive and have a great start. I also like how much space this saves instead of growing traditionally in containers.

jen kuebler

Growing your own herbs allows you to be sure there are no pesticides on the herbs you are serving your family.

Lyndi Malarchuk

This looks like a perfect product for a “gardener” like me, whose Green Thumb is more yellowish brown and usually infested with something! 😉

Brigid OHara Koshko

I have wanted an AeroGarden for the longest time. I love to cook and this would be a great opportunity for me to grow fresh veggies and herbs in my kitchen. Thank you !

Mikki Cross

This Aerogarden sounds wonderful. It’s like having your own personal gardener. I don’t have a green thumb either and with my hectic schedule I sometimes forget to water my plants. I would love this. It’s such a pleasant sight and smell when you’re growing your own herbs. And having easy access to them is paramount. I would love to try growing saffron. The flowers are lovely and would add a bit of color to the greenery. It’s also less expensive than buying it.

Tabitha Shadle

I love that it takes care of itself basically…because I kill plants too. I would love to be able to garden and grow fresh food for my family, but I cannot keep plants alive, so this would definitely be useful at my house! The fact that you an even grow vegetables is amazing to me! I may have to drop some hints that I want one and see if I get one as a gift. 🙂


I have been changing my lifestyle. I don’t use those little ingredient packets anymore. Everytime I go to buy herbs they are ususally expensive and I either don’t have enough or have way too much that spoils. Having fresh herbs, in my home, to use at my convience, would be absolutely amazing!

Pamela Halligan

I love how easy it seems to maintain this little home garden. I’ve tried to grow herbs indoors without much luck, do I’d like to give an AeroGrden a try.

Lea R

Seems like a smarter and more reliable than potting in soil.

Vanessa D.

This is such an amazing product! Great for herbs!

Keely Hostetter

We don’t have one of these yet but it sounds like we need one. I agree, having fresh herbs are so much better. We would really like one to start our tomatoes early. Thanks.

Roe Clark

wow, this is great….would love to have fresh herbs all year long…would also make a great gift for my mom this Mothers Day 🙂


I’d love to grow things all year long, regardless of the weather.

Dana Y.

Wow! Lots of improvements and the ability to have fresh veggies, herbs and flowers year-round. What’s not to love?


This looks AWESOME!! It would be GREAT to have fresh grown veggies – or maybe flowers – all year long!!


I have seen these in the past and been intrigued. We don’t have a backyard that allows us to have a garden – but like so many others, I haven’t found the money to purchase this device. It would be amazing to be able to grow fresh herbs and small vegetables at home for my family!!

Patty Gabbard

I would love to try this I have heard alot about them. Would be great to grow my own herbs and spices!!!

Colleen Sharp

I would love to win this AeroGarden! This would be wonderful, it’s easy with no maintenance, inexpensive, and don’t have to worry about creatures getting into your garden.


we live in a place where we do not have room for a garden I am planning on planting vegetables in buckets and cans so that I can teach my kids about being healthy and also to teach them how to take care of plants.

Mary Ramirez

This would be a great way to have a garden without going outside to do it. I have an allergy to too much sun. This would be great for me to be able to have the herbs I need to add freshness to healthy cooking.

aurora minuto

incrocio le dita e spero di vincere!

mary keller

I would definitely use this if I won. I have many plants in my house and this would be great for growing herbs or flowers.


Love to garden but the heat just about knocks me out. This way I can still garden indoors. How cool is that!

Keno Moore

I would love to have this.


Being in the deep south we have very hot weather that severely limits our lettuce growing season. This would be a wonderful way to grow lettuce indoors year round.

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