The ACF Youth Organistaion – Fun for both you and your child



The Army Cadet Force – Fun for both you and your child

Children look up to their parents for love, friendship, and direction. Shaping young minds and hearts is up to parents and the community. Parents are the heroes in their children’s lives; children want and need to spend quality time together. As children become older, they want to fit into society and become involved in the world around them. Some parents dream of their children becoming great leaders and accomplishing big things in this world.

Getting involved and being part of the community is one way to create leaders. Boys and girls need to belong to an organization, which caters to their leadership abilities. Empowering young minds is what the Army Cadet Force accomplishes in their lives. The Army Cadet Force offers excitement, adventure, and teamwork. The physical challenges presented to children who join the ACF raises their self-esteem. Taking part in activates such as rock climbing, white-water rafting, mountain walking, skiing, and favourite sports are what these young cadets love.

Belonging to a group that has over 46,000 members all around the country, says to a young cadet you are a part of something special. The ACF gives them a free uniform, and all the adventure they can take in. They will have the opportunity to grow in rank and win awards. The best part of it of this experience, is that they can do it all with you as a parent volunteer. Yes, volunteering to share time and growing with your child will make the biggest difference in their lives. Another great thing is that there are ACF detachments all across the country, whether you want to join the devon acf or sign up with a group in Scotland, chances are you’ll find an ACF detachment near you.

You do not need any military experience to join as a volunteer, if you have military experience; it’s a big plus for them. You don’t have to worry about being called to active duty because of volunteering with the ACF. The Army Cadet Force is not part of the army; it is a youth organization sponsored by the British Army but is not part of it.

As a volunteer, you will help guide young cadets through the ACF’s challenges. They will look up to you for inspiration and growth. Become part of a team who shapes the abilities of these young children. You will receive instruction on how to train cadets. You can become a specialist in many areas. One such area is Expedition Leadership Management workshop, which cover organizing expeditions to different location around the country.
You can become a leader in sports, or take a first-aid course that teaches practical skills in first aid; training you to deal with emergencies. No matter what you decide to specialize in as a volunteer, it will be a growing experience for you and your child. Discover your child’s abilities, and deepen the bonds between you. The Army Cadet Force inspires great leadership in every cadet’s life, why not be on the ground floor in your young cadet’s life, help shape the leaders of tomorrow and be a leader yourself. Volunteer as an Army Cadet Force today, and move up in rank with your child


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