How Businesses Can Take the Heat from global warming


Global warming, the rise in temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans, is an issue that has continued to incite debates left and right since it was discovered in the late 19th century. Generally, most people tend to be indifferent. Despite being warned about the most common effects of global warming such as glaciers melting, ecosystems being ruined, and universal flooding, most people still turn a blind eye to the impending dangers that the atmospheric phenomenon bring to the table.

Yes, some people just don’t see the big picture. global warming is real and it is happening. In fact, there are a lot more ways that it can mess up the planet as we know it. Take the business industry for example. Have you taken into consideration what impact global warming can cause to different industries? First off, let’s see the splash it would make on the water industry. According to a prediction made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, abbreviated IPCC, by the mid-21st century, different parts of the world will be subjected to either constant flooding or drought. Their statistics show that wet tropics will experience an abnormal increase in water availability while the dry tropics will go through the exact opposite. Furthermore, regions that depend on glaciers and others as such will also fall short on water supply because of their reduced resources.

On the other hand, the same nature of effect is to be expected for natural resources. Some will go through an increase while others are doomed for scarcity. In effect, agriculture and global food production is bound to take a harsh downfall. Not only will the rising heat affect crop production but natural forestry as well. Surely the fishing industry is will not be exempted from all the negative effects as well. Also affected is the insurance industry. As we all know, global warming is associated to various natural disasters. After all, some people consider global warming as nature’s backlash to the insensibility of humanity. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods will drop a significant impact on the insurance sector. Costs to cover damages and other aftereffects will surely rise and soon there won’t be enough, suggesting just how negatively global warming is to this industry. Just as with the former, the construction industry will suffer due to the extreme weather conditions that might befall several parts of the world. And consequently, the expensive costs needed to cope with the blow of the circumstances are sure to be the collapse of this industry.

Global warming also affects the tourism industry. Most tourism spots are dependent on specific locations and natural resources. Due to the climate change that might result from global warming, places such as ski resorts and tropical islands will be forced to drastic changes. This is how global warming affects this industry, not to mention the inevitable rise in fuel prices which is futile to travel. With the threat of global warming looming, businesses from practically any industry must be wary. Many businesses can go down in ruin if they continue to belittle the threats posed by global warming. 

Tyrone Savell is a free-spirited writer and worked as a real estate agent. He had the opportunity to work with various bigwigs in business industry including Jon Queen DC.

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