5 Surefire Ways To Get The Best Back-To-School Bargains


How these amazing hacks can help you and your wallet!

Whether you’re a mom who’s going back-to-school shopping for your kids or a student doing their own shopping for college, we know you want to find the best deals. But what if there is a way to save time and earn even more with each shopping trip? As it turns out, there is! We have compiled an amazing list of back-to-school bargain hunting techniques that are sure to stretch your dollar!

With the average family spending about $670 on back-to-school shopping, it’s no secret that even a small savings on that number could be big $$. Fortunately for you, there is this free chrome browser extension known as Piggy that will totally change the way you shop online. Piggy, which finds coupons and cashback for you automatically at checkout, is a game changer.
Shopping at Target? Get an extra 20% off Kids Clothing and 1% cashback! New shoes? You bet! At Shoes.com get all the latest styles and enjoy free shipping and free returns. Not to mention there are currently 6 coupons and deals ranging from 10-45% off and 7% cashback that you could apply automatically with Piggy. If Crocs are more your taste, take advantage of 25 coupons and 6% cashback. Piggy literally has thousands of stores with coupons and cashback. Automatically apply the best discount and earn cashback on anything from clothing, home, electronics, eyeglasses, to food, entertainment, shoes, and more.

As if this article couldn’t get even more amazing, check out these four tips to help you conquer back-to-school shopping this year and beyond:

  1. Hold off on buying the trendiest gear. Your kids might find a “must have” item in August, but by the time school starts, their tastes could change or they may find the other kids are all carrying something completely different. This could result in a lot of wasted money. Not to mention items usually go on clearance sale shortly after the busy shopping season ends.
  2. Stick to the recommended supply list from the school. The list is long enough without picking up a few extras. Cute little extras may be awfully tempting, but they will most likely never get used.
  3. Combine shopping with friends. Many stores offer BOGO sales—you and your friend can split the cost (and the savings) of buying two of the same item.
  4. Don’t shop when you’re hungry. You can save a bundle by eating at home before you go rather than stopping off for a bite in a restaurant.

So the next time you find yourself with a budget being stretched to its outer limit, remember being a savvy shopper can be fun and easy with these simple tricks. Combine them with technology like Piggy and you will never overpay again.



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robin rue

I am always looking for a good deal. Especially since I have multiple kids to buy school supplies for!!

Vera Sweeney

These are great tips. One of my favorite ways to save money on back to school shopping is to start buying for the next year right after the current year is over. That’s when they need to move their leftover product.


This is completely true! I have to look for school supplies now because our school starts soon but I will try to find any and every savings I can while I am out looking. Thank you for the tips I will definitely keep it in mind.

melissa chapman

Like the tips to save on back to school. I think it will be hard to say no to my daughter but I will give it a try. I need a friend for the two fors.

Kelly Hutchinson

I will admit, it is hard to stick with the supply lists. I always want to buy more than they need. Not very economical, huh?!


Back to school can get quite expensive. I never thought of shopping BOGO with a friend. What a great tip.

Claudia Krusch

I always try to stick to the supply list from the school. It can be tempting to get all the latest trends for the kids. If you wait you will probably find them on sale.


This are great saving tips! Target is always my #1!


I love the name of this app. I sure could go for an app that would save me money too.


Great list of tips. Very smart thinking.


This is great, with having a few kids, supplies get expensive very quick! I love finding ways to save.


Back to school shopping adds up quick!! Thanks for these great tips! I am going shopping soon!