Does Wheelie Bin Storage Really Make A Difference?


Wheelie bin storage is becoming more and more popular recently and as people become more interested, others are left questioning what it actually is and if it will work for them. If you are one of these people, keep reading as this article aims to provide you with a little more information about this growing trend.


It isn’t just something for businesses to hide a multitude of bins and although it is useful for this, there is a rise of storage units being used in people’s homes. Wheelie bin storage is simply a wooden shed-like structure which the wheelie bin goes inside. It is fully lockable and the lid of the store attaches to the lid of the wheelie bin, meaning that you don’t have to worry about opening two lids with your hands full of bin bags. This is also a great way to keep your garage tidy particularly if you keep your wheelie bins in there. They can now be kept out of the way in an attractive storage unit freeing up space.


So now you know what it is, you may be wondering what uses it can have for you in your home or office environment. One of the main advantages of opting to use it is that it helps to prevent your bins blowing over or blowing away. Obviously, this is massively useful somewhere that has particularly windy weather, preventing your litter from being blown out of your bin and you having to clear it up or your bin simply being blown away and you having to chase it up the road – no one wants to do that in their slippers and pajamas!


On top of stopping your bins blowing away, it also helps to protect your bins from urban city wildlife such as foxes and rats. These can be a big nuisance, breaking into bin bags and running away with scraps of food and so on, and especially if you have a family, you won’t want to be drawing these types of animals towards your home. Because of the nature of the design, it protects your bins from being tipped over, meaning that these kinds of animals cannot forage in your rubbish and so won’t be interested in being near your house or family.


Due to the fact that it is lockable, this gives you a certain level of security regarding your bins. This helps to make your driveway or business area look neat, tidy and extremely professional, highlighting to people that you care about protecting the environment from waste as you are wanting to keep it secure. You will be amazed at the different impression this gives people visiting your home or potential clients, and it’s also much nicer to look out of the window and see a wooden shed type building rather than brightly colored plastic bins anyway.


There has recently been a surge in wheelie bin storage websites – so whether you have one bin or three bins, whether you have recycling boxes or not, there is plenty of choice on the market. While it may initially seem expensive, spending that little bit of money will give you plenty of advantages, no matter whether you just want something to make your driveway look a bit nicer or to make a good impression on potential business customers.

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