Your Guide to Different Types of Lingerie


Whether it’s your wedding night or anniversary or anything in-between, some days just call for special lingerie, but sometimes the thought of lingerie can be overwhelming. Where do you even begin? There are bodysuits, slip dresses, thongs, and the list could go on. Thankfully, we’re here to give you a brief guide on the different types of lingerie. We’re going to try to present these lingerie items as simply as possible to help you understand everything there is to know about this diverse category of clothes. By the end of this article, you’ll feel ready to add all the teddies and babydoll dresses to your cart. To feel sexy and feel even better knowing the different kinds of lingerie, keep on reading. 

Bras and Panties 

The most basic type of lingerie there is out there is the simple bra-and-panty combo. This kind of lingerie is almost like the typical bras and panties you would wear on a daily basis, but since it’s lingerie, it’s fancier and more special than the average bra and panties. While your average everyday seamless bra might be made of cotton or microfiber all-cotton padding in your skin color, lingerie bras are typically lacy and bold. You could have a shimmery red bra or a skimpy and lacy black one. As for panties, you can either buy a pair to match your bra or mix and match, which is why so many people love this type of lingerie. You can’t go wrong with bras and panties for everyday wear or lingerie. 

Camisole and Shorts 

For the camisole and shorts, think “sexy PJs.” Silk camisole pajama sets typically include a camisole and a pair of shorts that can be worn to sleep and for other activities that happen in bed (wink wink). They can also be worn around the house on days when you just lounge around. People everywhere love camisole pajama sets because they’re super comfy but look so much sexier than just putting on an oversized t-shirt for pajamas. 


For a lot of people, babydolls are the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of lingerie. Babydoll dresses are short dresses that are typically made of either lace or silk and can be easily slipped into (and out of). Pair a babydoll dress with a matching thong for the perfect lingerie look. Babydolls either look like a slip dress or like a bra with extra fabric going down to just below the crotch. Babydolls are a fan favorite among many women because they are the ideal combination of sexiness and flirtiness. For a classy look, go for a silk babydoll slip dress, but for a sexy look, go for an all-lace one. The cut of babydolls is super flattering, so you’re going to love how you look and feel when wearing a babydoll. 


Even though bodysuits actually have more coverage than wearing a bra and panties, they’re so much sexier because it’s not every day you get to wear something like an all-lace bodysuit. Bodysuits, also known as teddies, are almost like one-piece swimsuits but a whole lot skimpier. Many body suits have extra elements like straps, chokers, or buttons in the crotch region for easy access when it’s time to get intimate. Bold is the perfect word to describe bodysuits because once you put one on for the first time, you’ll see just how much of a statement they make. If you want to go for some lingerie that is the opposite of innocent and tame, buy a bodysuit. 

Crotchless and Cupless  

This last type of lingerie we’ll talk about today is by bar the freakiest. Crotchless lingerie is exactly what it sounds like: lingerie that purposefully lacks fabric in the crotch. Since this type of lingerie can be worn while getting it on with a partner, a lot of people obsess over it, because why spend so much money on lingerie that is taken off within five seconds of foreplay? Crotchless lingerie solves this problem by allowing you to wear it all night long. There’s also cupless lingerie, which, as you might guess, has the chest on full display. Cupless lingerie typically comes in the form of bras or bodysuits, but they’re ideal if you want to get crazy. While they don’t have much practical use, they definitely get a lot of use in the bedroom. 


In summary, here are the different types of lingerie we talked about today: 

  • Bras and panties
  • Camisole and shorts
  • Babydolls
  • Bodysuits
  • Crotchless and cupless

We hope that this brief guide helped give you just a little bit more of an understanding of the different kinds of lingerie. As you start looking into lingerie, take your time because there is a lot to cover. Try some on for yourself, see what you like, and in no time at all, you’ll feel confident talking about lingerie types and wearing them as well.

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