Your African Safari: An Unforgettable Adventure


As the hot sun beats down, a curious elephant can be seen in the distance. He appears to be searching for something as he moves slowly across the African plain, a group of curious followers in his wake. A few miles south, a pride of lions stalk the perimeter of their territory, on the hunt for an unfortunate prey who happens to come their way and keeping an eye out for competitors or rivals.

The plains shake as a horde of impalas suddenly breaks free, flying across the horizon. Just as quickly as they arrive, they are gone, heading towards the mountains which loom far in the distance. In those mountains, so many miles away, the last remaining mountain gorillas go about their day, nestled in the dense Rainforest of Rwanda.

While this may seem like a scene from a movie or travel documentary, it can very quickly become your reality. A safari is an ultimate way to see and experience the real Africa, allowing you to get up close and personal with incredible, majestic animals, see the stunning sunsets, and immerse yourself in the beauty of this vast continent. For the trip of a lifetime, safari excursions are the best choice you could make.


Kenya is home to some of the best and most famous parks in the whole of Africa and is renowned for its wealth of wildlife. Cheetahs, lions, leopards, hyenas, elephants, birds, and hippos coexist side by side in a miasma of incredible animals. Spend your days gazing at the wonders of nature, and your nights camped out under the stars in the vast skies of the savannah. Get up close and personal with chimpanzees, and take a boat to Crescent Island to take a peek at hippos and amazing species of birds. Kenya is home to a vast range of species, and a must for animal lovers.

Cape Town and Kruger

Where else in the world can you see penguins and lions on the same trip? Cape Town is often described as the beating heart of South Africa, and it offers outstanding natural beauty from the soaring views of Table Mountain to the thrill of getting close to a zebra. Visit Robben Island for an emotional trip back in time; take a safari through the Kruger area and come face-to-face with some amazing animals, before a sunset stroll from the deck of your lodge.

Check out stylish urban entertainment in the center of Cape Town, and live in luxury with a choice of top quality hotels – the perfect location to open a delicious bottle of wine and swap stories of your adventures!

Africa is indeed a continent like no other. It has awe-inspiring views, incredible experiences, and a vast history and beauty which cannot be compared. For a vacation which will touch your soul and change your life, this is a destination which should be at the top of everyone’s must-visit list. Change your life today, and book the trip of your dreams.

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