Why You Should Sell Gold and Jewellery When You Lose Your Job


Losing your job can be devastating, especially when you’re raising a young family. Many financial advisors recommend taking several steps to make sure that your savings, severance, and/or benefits last as long as possible. The more you’ve done to prepare for a period of unemployment, such as saving up an emergency fund, the more time you’ll have to find a new job at the right place without going into debt.

In addition to budgeting and adjusting your lifestyle, finding a way to raise extra money can help you stay on your feet while you find the right fit. One way to earn a bit of income is to take a side job, but that’s not always possible in tough economic times – and it can take away from the time you have to find new employment.

Another option is selling valuables like gold, silver, or jewellery. It’s not always easy to part with, but it can make a huge difference to your personal finances. Precious metals dealers like Muzeum buy things like jewellery, bullion, watches, coin collections, and other valuables with precious metal content, which they later sell to a network of collectors. It’s a fast way to make sure you get a fair price.

#1 You Can Replace Jewellery

Jewellery is a luxury, especially items that aren’t family heirlooms or have any special sentimental value. Old, broken, or out-of-fashion pieces are worth more in cash than collecting dust in your closet. When you’re back in a more comfortable financial position, you can always replace it with something you’ll actually wear.

#2 Precious Metals Are Always Worth Something

Do you have broken gold jewellery or watches? Do you feel like that the necklace you have is outdated? There certainly are types of jewellery that are more re-sellable than others, but the precious metal content will always be worth something, even if the design isn’t.

When it comes to collectibles, the condition will affect price, but something with gold or silver content will always find a buyer.

#3 The Returns Are Better Than Selling Other Belongings

You might be thinking about selling other belongings, too, like books, clothes, DVDs, tools, or other things you don’t need anymore. If you’re really not using it any longer, you can clean out your home and get something back for it, but if you’re deciding between a beloved media collection and a bracelet you never wear, it’s an easy choice.

Gold and silver are appreciable assets, whereas most of your other household belongings depreciate considerably with use and age. You can likely get better returns for your precious metals than anything else you own. Transparent gold buyers show the prices they pay per gram per karat, so you can have an idea of what you would be walking away with before even leaving your house! The amount you would receive for an old necklace really might surprise you. But you should also check out some best places to buy gold before making this decision. Don’t take a risk!

#4 Gold Doesn’t Grow

Compared to other financial products, gold has unique benefits, but it doesn’t generate interest. Selling gold is almost certainly a better idea than dipping into your retirement savings. Gold doesn’t collect interest, and while it can provide a good store of value, its growth only comes from speculative price movement.

Put your old gold and jewellery to work for you when you need it the most, and you can emerge from unemployment in a stronger financial position.

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