Why Should You Choose a Water Delivery Service for Your Home and Office?


Do you drink water without a second thought? You’re doing it wrong then! Most people have no concrete idea about the quality or purity of the water they are drinking. And most times, this quality is far from appropriate. 

The majority of the US population drink tap water. Over 70% of Americans drink tap water- but more than half do not have any idea whether it is contaminated or not.   

But the fact that your taps don’t guarantee clean water should be no reason for you to drink less of it! There’s an easy alternative to unclean tap water – water delivery services. 

In recent years, people have realized the advantages of an uninterrupted source of clean, chemical-free water and having excellent taste delivered right at your doorstep. But what are these advantages that make choosing a water delivery service crucial? Read on to find out!

Reasons to Choose a Water Delivery Service

  • Time saving

Not every workplace has an in-house water filtration system. But a lack of it doesn’t mean you should have to run to your nearby grocery store every few hours while working just to buy a bottle of water, or worse, sacrifice drinking enough water. 

39% of Americans admit they don’t drink enough water only because they don’t have time to get it. Choosing a water delivery service ensures you get your water when you need it, without having to waste precious time. 

 You can also choose how and when you get your water delivered. This saves your time and effort. And you can focus on your work all day without distractions.

2. More sustainable hydration

Speaking of single-serve water bottles, the costs don’t just tax your budget. Plastic bottles impact the environment in drastic ways. 

Bottles were the second most common plastic item encountered during a shoreline cleanup conducted by Greenpeace Canada in 2018, as reported by the CBC. 

Switching to home delivery for filtered drinking water can be a great way to reduce the amount of plastic you use. You can choose 5-gallon bottles instead of individually sized single-use containers. This will limit your environmental impact while you still get to enjoy purified water. 

3. Drink more water

It takes a lot of water to stay healthy. In fact, the adequate daily fluid intake is 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women. And if you’re anything less than that, you’re putting your health at risk. 

With clean water available at your fingertips, drinking plenty of water will quickly work its way into your routine. Diamond Rock makes sure you have an unlimited supply of top-quality drinking water available any time you need it. 

You won’t have to worry about running to the tap each time you want a sip. Plus, you will know how much water you’ve ordered, so you’ll also be able to keep tabs on your intake. 

4. Excellent water quality

Naturally alkaline, pure water is found in these mountain springs. This is why many water delivery services get their water straight from the mountains. And so does Diamond Rock. 

Water that comes directly from springs doesn’t need to be treated with chemical compounds — all that needs to be done is getting rid of bacteria and microorganisms. Then, it’s ready for you to drink.

Most American cities do have a central water filtration system. But this system isn’t well maintained or completely trustworthy. Plus, it sometimes introduces a lot of chemicals into your water, even while purifying it. For water free from any chemicals or contaminants, a water delivery service is what you need. 

5. Save money

Your water delivery service will ensure that you don’t need to expend money for gas to drive to the store and back whenever you need water. And you’ll even save on buying expensive mineral water too. 

With water delivery services, you receive pure water. So you don’t need to install filtration units in your home or buy portable filters for your office. This helps you save aplenty, especially considering the maintenance costs of a filtration system. 

You also get to choose from various bottled waters that fit your budget and the amount of water you need. This way, you won’t waste or spend extra money. 

6. Healthier eating and drinking overall

Water isn’t just for drinking. Everyone uses it for cooking daily. But when you use tap water for cooking, you risk your and your loved ones’ health. This is because tap water, even if filtered by the authorities, usually contains chemicals. 

Some people in the US have reported incidents where their tap water burst into flames due to chemicals. Such chemicals enter your homemade meals and beverages, too, making them unsafe for you.

To avoid such contaminated water from getting into your food, choose pure water from a water delivery service. By doing this, you’ll stay free of chemicals and eat healthily. 

7. Amazing Taste

Do you notice how water from two different cities and sometimes two different dispensers tastes different? You’re not the only one. The taste of water differs, depending on its origin and filtration. 

Water delivery services usually deliver either spring water or RO filtered water, both of which have a pleasant taste. You might think that taste doesn’t matter. But you couldn’t be more wrong.

If your water tastes good, you’ll want to drink it again and again. This way, you won’t become easily dehydrated and enjoy something as simple as water. 

Parting Words

You can’t afford to ignore the quality of the water you drink. And when you get it delivered by a trustworthy company, you know exactly what you’re consuming. So you must choose a water delivery company that prioritizes your safety. 

An excellent company will not only provide delivery service to your office or home but allows you to arrange deliveries to suit your schedule and requirements as well. It will also collect empty bottles to be reused for a greener service.

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