Why luxury baby crib is the best for your newborn


Parents only want the best for their children- that’s a fact. 

It all starts when finding out the mother is pregnant- the expectant couple makes sure that the baby is given all the best care possible. 

From prenatal vitamins to the healthiest food choices, every aspect gives the baby all the nutrients he or she will need to develop and become strong and healthy. 

When the baby is finally born, naturally, parents would want only the best for the new addition to the family. A baby crib is one of the most essential needs having a newborn will require. 

A crib is a bed specially made for infants. Along with bassinets, these two are usually used for newborn babies. 

However, using a crib is a much more practical option as bassinets have a weight limit and can most often only be used up to a certain time- around the baby’s first 4-6 months. 

In this article, we’re going to tackle the much more elegant variant- the luxury baby crib. 

Why luxury baby crib? 

Did you know that the earliest form of baby cribs was made by using hollowed-out logs? It wasn’t deemed as safe then as it is now, due to the sides being barely capable of preventing the infant from rolling down. 

But many improvements were made as the years went by and now we have the crib we all know and are familiar with. 

A luxury baby crib, however, is of a totally different level. 

They’re made of only the best materials possible– ensuring comfort that only it can provide. 

Some furniture shops even go the extra mile, like Dragons of Walton Street, which are famous for their hand-painted baby cribs and cot beds. 

Luxury baby crib vs cheap crib

To splurge or not to splurge? 

Having a baby is not easy- from the overall child-rearing to making sure you provide all the best things possible. Expenses can be your toughest enemy here- and of course, you would want to save as much as possible while getting the best deal there is. 

You’d start thinking about which items could you splurge on, and which you can buy a cheaper variation of. For example- a crib. 

While you think you’re getting the best deal for the cheap crib, there’s one aspect that’s being overlooked- and that’s looking at the bigger picture. 

For future use

A luxury baby crib is without no doubt made with better, high-end materials and can surely last longer than a cheaper one. It’s sturdier and more solid. That factor in itself should be enough to convince you to go for the more expensive option, because it will surely last you years. 

Most luxury baby cribs are also convertible, meaning that you not only have a bed for your infant, but also for your toddler in the future. 

It is also best for when you’re planning to have a bigger family in the future. Your future little ones can also make use of the luxury crib you bought for your first-born, and that can save you a whole lot of money. 

Buying a luxury baby crib that can be converted for other uses, like the ones over at Dragons of Walton Street, will prove to be one of your most practical choices ever.

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