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My baby turned 2 years just the other day. He has been growing so well and we’ve like his development so much. In fact he has been a source of joy for me and my husband. Our parents congratulated us for the better care we have been giving to him. We had had nice moments with him enjoying baby showers, birthdays, and so much more. However, something was not right with his crib bedding; he had grown bigger past the crib which we had bought during his birth. My husband had no other option but to get him another crib that would fit his size. We therefore engaged in an intensive research to find out how we would make our baby more happy and joyful everyday. So we got some books, magazines, and internet search to get knowledge of what we intended to buy. We believe in initiating an idea rather than getting all information from friends and relatives. We also got some advice from our close friends and relatives. The biggest task that my husband and I had was to making sure that we got the right type of a crib and which was stylish, modern and of class. It was going to be nothing else but Kidco convertible crib bed rail. There were a lot of outstanding collections to choose from and that which not only fulfilled our requirements but it was also appealing to the eyes of many parents.

Kidco Convertible Crib Bed Rail Helped Our Baby’s Transition

The amazing thing with Kidco Crib Bed Rail is that, it is specifically designed for use with most convertible cribs; it helps toddlers with the transition from a crib to a big kid bed. This bed rail is adjustable to two levels to accommodate differences in crib-mattress thickness. The steel-and-mesh rail comes fully assembled and ready to use. We also realized that the Kidco convertible crib bed rail comes fully assembled and ready to use thus saving the time and also no tools are required. It is also height adjustable to accommodate my baby’s mattress, with 13” and 14” height options convertible crib bedrail measuring 33”Lx14”H bed rail strap adjust from 25”-36L. The Kidco convertible crib bedding is adjustable, has fabric cover, standard size cribs and is made of steal. It is also easy to wipe clean with soap and water. It has a nice painting and smooth finishing. In fact, the Kidco Convertible crib bedding meets CPSC Standards thus making it stand out of the rest. This was quite interesting to know how Kidco’s collections solved people’s problems.

Kidco Convertible Crib Bed Rail Was an Investment worth Making

We have never regretted having bought the Kidco Convertible Crib bed rail. It fitted well in our budget and most interestingly it helped keep our little baby in our minds safe and sound. Kidco won the winning assortment of home safety products, travel accessories, baby feeding products and premium safety gates. Who in the world wouldn’t wish to be associated with winners? Truly going for the approved convertible crib bed rail keeps your mind relaxed knowing that it takes care of your child’s safety all the time. There were other specifications that I would recommend check thoroughly before concluding to purchase the convertible crib bed rail. It is important to make sure that the materials making it are non-allergic to keep your baby’s skin safe and which cannot hurt your baby by sharp edges. However, Kidco Convertible Crib Bed rail had all the rights to be awarded because they had a provision for all these factors that I felt were important though many may tend to ignore. Also, we had thought of travelling from one place to another, this type of bed convertible bed rail was easy to reassemble and park for transportation. We really enjoyed every moment of our life with the baby in the Kidco Convertible Bed Rail; it actually gave us the class we deserved. Had our friends not recommended us then I would have the courage to write about it. They were actually delighted by the new crib for our young toddler.

Kidco Convertible Crib Bed Rail Made Our Baby’s Room Standout of the Rest

Finally, everything went in a joyous way but what amazed me later was how my baby’s room appeared after we had installed the Kidco Convertible Crib Bed rail. Our colors’ selection created the exact theme that we intended to have and more so, it appealed to the eyes making everyone visiting us falling in love with. It actually made me feel so good having made something that others would appreciate. My husband was very happy as well to see that we had made everything a success. Kidco suppliers had promised to deliver in time which they did and thus enhanced their reputation not only to us but to others will to buy bigger crib for their transiting babies. To be sincere, it works so well with a convertible crib bed rail. We were now sure that our baby would always be happy in his new crib. If he would say anything audible, then he would say a big “thank you mommy.”

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