Why Is It Important for Children to Start Reading at an Early Age?



Reading is a nourishing and fulfilling experience for children since their young minds can grasp and capture information easily. So they need to start reading at a tender age. Although babies may fail to understand what you’re reading, they’ll pay attention to your facial expressions as you read aloud. The following are reasons why children should start reading at a tender age:

  • Better Vocabulary

When children start reading at a tender age, they will begin to learn new words, and they will also find new ways to express themselves. Their grammar will also improve, and they will learn new concepts.

  • Bonding Between a Child and Parent

Reading time allows you to bond with your children since they enjoy listening to stories, and they will feel relaxed while in a world of wonder and fantasy. In addition, it will trigger questions and conversations that enable a child to express and learn.

  • Develops Concentration

Consistent and regular reading will allow the concentration significantly abilities of a child to improve since they will sit and listen for a prolonged period. They will also develop patience. Such attributes will come in handy once they join the school.

  • Reduced Screen Time

The brain of a child needs to stimulate to grow and learn. Currently, children have access to games and gadgets such as tablets. As a result, most children get addicted to screen time, hindering brain development. 

When a child is addicted to screen time, they will stay home most of the time and fail to interact with their peers. They will then become unhealthy physically because of spending most of their free time glued to the screen. On the other hand, when children read through the Tuttle Twins magazine and other materials, they will develop and learn. They will also explore the world around them.

  • Cognitive Development

A child gets a better understanding of the world and receives background knowledge through reading. It helps them to make sense of everything they hear and see, and that aids their cognitive development.

  • Enhanced Empathy

When a child reads, they get to understand different emotions. It helps in their social and emotional development since they can easily associate their feelings with words and find a way to express themselves easily. Books usually have different perspectives and characters, allowing a child to become more empathetic. Stories have the cause-and-effect concept, enabling a child to develop analytical skills and curiosity, which play a crucial role in learning.

  • Develops Creativity

When a child reads a book, they become imaginative. As you read their favorite book, the costumes, characters, situations, buildings, and dialogues will create a visual impression. The imagination will then spark creativity, and it will help a child to build on their life skills.

How Do You Cultivate a Reading Habit in Children? 

We are looking at why a child needs to develop a reading habit at a tender age. Now, you may ask yourself how to cultivate a reading habit among your children.

If your child is at least two years old, they may not be able to read; however, you can read stories to them. You can try out bedtime stories and make sure it is a habit you can maintain.

Final Thoughts

The importance of reading habits in children is invaluable. When you issue a book to your child as a gift, you encourage them to develop a reading habit. You will have also developed a solid foundation that will come in handy once they enroll in school. Since their mind is similar to an empty slate, you may start as soon as possible since everything you expose them to will be simple for them to process. Reading will also benefit a child more than you may imagine. Sit with a child and start reading while using different expressions, and be surprised how much they enjoy such activities.

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