Why Atlanta has a special place in the state of Georgia


Atlanta is the fifth capital city of the United States in the state of Georgia. It is known to be the center for trade and transportation in the southeastern part of US. Since it became a city, Atlanta becomes a great place to work, live, and raise a family. The city started as a railroad line in 1837. When it was founded, it was named Marthasville and then changed to Atlanta.

The city provides the highest quality but affordable services that meet the needs of its people. The community has so many state parks, wide outdoor adventure and recreational facilities. It also offers outstanding schools, libraries, medical facilities, first-class shopping, and other resources that residents enjoy. Despite the busy schedule, residents are still able to restore balance in their life because the city has a lot of companies that offer home cleaning such as atlanta house cleaning service. Home cleaning companies in Atlanta help homeowners to re-energize their home to make it a clean and healthy living environment. Being able to maintain a tidy and well-organized home, residents can enjoy the fun things that the city offers. They can enjoy a relaxing weekend by getting back to nature, attend sports events, or eating great meals with family and friends at the most excellent restaurants in the city. When you live in Atlanta, you won’t run out of your favorite activities.

There are so many major attractions in the city that both tourists and residents enjoy. One of these is the High Museum of Art. People in Atlanta love to share this attraction to the visitors. It has a permanent exhibit that features over fifteen thousand (15,000) works of art from the 19th and 20th century. The museum is one of the best in the city. Another major attraction is the Georgia Aquarium. It offers various interactive activities for people visiting the place. It has a large variety of marine life with over one hundred thousand of aquatic creatures. It has a tunnel where you can walk through and see fishes swimming on all sides. The city is also known as the home of major sports franchises. It has Brave of Major League Baseball, Hawks of National Basketball Association, Falcons of National Football League and Atlanta United of Major League Soccer.

When it comes to studying, school performance varies significantly. Atlanta consists of some top-performing schools in Georgia. It happens to have the area’s top institutions for elementary, middle and high school. They have veteran teaches which parents like about these schools. These schools provide activities that have an opportunity for parents to get involved in their child’s education. There are also great extracurricular activities and excellent score tests. Atlanta also has more than forty degree-granting institutions in the metro.

Atlanta has grown so much in the recent years and has become one of the largest and diverse city in Georgia. People are looking to its unique culture and the city is attracting newcomers. The city featured many award winning restaurants, theaters, sports complex and many more. And even though it’s a large city with so much diversity, the cost of living is low thus the reason why many millennials are lured to move into the city. The city also offers a good employment opportunities.

Overall, life is better at Atlanta. The city has an excellent opportunity that is why many people are moving in the area, making it one of the fastest-growing city in Georgia. The city focuses on developing programs to create jobs making the economy strong and sustainable.

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