When Hormones Should Be Checked


Hormones affect a vast number of bodily processes, but they also are affected by a lot of what is happening in the body. When hormone levels are off, women may feel emotional, tired, overexcited, or unwell, or they may simply swing from one extreme to another. 

When is it time to have your hormone levels checked by a gynaecologist? This is often something you would have to request, since most gynaecologist Singapore clinics do not routinely check for this issue. 

What Affects Hormone Levels?

When it comes to women and reproductive issues, there are a few key reasons why hormone levels may be a bit uneven. When we say that women have a hormone imbalance or their levels are off, it can mean that they have too much of one hormone coursing through their body or too little of another. Either of these conditions can cause a wide range of health problems. 

For women, the most common causes of imbalanced hormones are pregnancy, menopause, periods, and other reproductive processes. Not everyone experiences hormone levels in the same way during these times. Even though these are very natural processes, some women will suffer from more severe hormone issues at these times in their life. 

It’s not common to check for hormone imbalance as a routine measure, so your gynaecologist in Singapore would usually only check if there is a notable issue. If women do not have regular menstrual activity or if they do not have a period anymore before reaching menopause, then a hormone check would be called for. If you have concerns about your hormone levels, it’s a good idea to consult with your local gynaecologist clinic, such as the PK Women’s Clinic

A consultation visit can be a great way to ease your mind about whether your hormone problem is serious or whether it is something that is expected to pass shortly. If you are at all worried about your hormone activity, a gynaecologist Singapore consultation can get you the answers that you need. 

Signs to Look for

Many times, women will not identify hormonal issues as having to do with hormones at all. They may just notice that something is wrong and be concerned about what is causing it and what kind of medical treatment they may need.

A few signs to watch for that could indicate a hormonal problem would be:

  • Changes in body weight
  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue
  • Mood changes
  • A family or personal history of hormone imbalances

As with any medical issue, it is wise to not try to self-diagnose. Instead, consult a medically certified gynaecologist and get an expert opinion. You can ask questions over the phone to find out if a consultation might be in order, and the consultation or a recommended examination can give you more answers and help the doctor figure out what might be causing the problem. 

What Are the Solutions to Hormone Imbalance?

Routine hormone checks are not common, because even when there is a hormone problem, the doctor would not typically treat the root cause. Hormone imbalances are usually caused by natural processes that doctors would not want to halt, so they will just treat the symptoms.

In rare cases of hormone imbalances, the gynaecologist may recommend surgery. Hormone issues can often be treated by minor, slightly invasive surgery, which you can read about at https://www.pkwomensclinic.com/gynaecological-surgery/. You will be able to see what some of your options are and perhaps whether the PK Women’s Clinic is the right choice for you. 

Your Singapore gynaecologist will be able to recommend a number of different procedures that might be right for you, most of which are minimally invasive and require very little recovery time. If you are concerned about how long you will need to stay away from work, be restricted to light duty, or take pain medication following a procedure, your doctor will be able to advise you in those matters. 

For any questions about hormone testing and when it may be right to have tests done to check for problems at an early stage, please talk to your gynaecologist. You can get the answers you need and the help that allows you to not stress about these kinds of issues so much. 

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