When Does Your Child Need a Booster Seat?


Many children are tragically killed every year because of a car accident. A portion of these deaths were mostly related to improper seating arrangements.

That’s why a booster seat is so important for young children!

With that being said, keep reading our comprehensive guide on booster seat information and booster seat laws.

Types of Car Seats

All children under the age of 6 should use some type of car seat. However, not all car seats were equally designed. For infants and toddlers, a rear-facing seat is necessary. This kind of seating protects the child from being ejected from a vehicle if the back or front end of the car is hit.

At around 3 or 4, is when your child will outgrow the front-facing seat. At this point, your child will require a front-facing seat with a harness. This type of seat should be worn for as long as possible. However, after a certain height and weight, your child will grow out of this seating as well.

Does My Kid Need a Booster Seat?

Yes, your child does need a booster seat after they’ve outgrown their rear and front-facing seat! Booster seat laws in most states require you to have a booster seat for your child until the age of 8-10 years of age or until they’ve reached 4 feet and 9 inches in height.

If you’re unaware of your state’s booster seat laws click here to learn more about booster seat laws.

Booster Seat Rules

When using booster seats, there are specific rules you have to follow. All of these rules will ensure a safe and comfortable ride for your child!

For starters, the booster seat needs to be properly placed in the back seat. It’s considered illegal for a child to be at the front even when wearing a car seat.

And your child needs to stay seated in the booster at all times. You need to also make sure the booster seat is properly placed in the car. Therefore, make sure your car’s belt and the lap belt are through the loops of the booster seat.

The lap belt should not be too tight on your child’s legs but tight enough to secure them. Lastly, it’s a requirement for your child to wear both the lap belt and the shoulder belt!

For more booster seat information, check out your individual owners’ manual.

What If My Child Outgrows Their Booster Seat at an Early Age?

There are instances where a child will outgrow their booster seat before the recommended age. So if you have a child that is under the age of 8 and is taller than 4″9′ or weighs more than 80 pounds, then wearing a booster seat is not recommended.

Nevertheless, your child should still sit in the back of the car and should wear their seatbelt at all times. You can also increase their safety by incorporating a harness or child-proof seat belt.

These kinds of seatbelts are great for high-energy children who tend to take their seatbelt off or play around with the belt!

Safety Comes First

Know that you know about a booster seat and its laws, you can worry a bit less! Always make sure you follow these laws as they can be the difference between life and death!

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