What Your Period Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health


Half of the world experiences a period and yet it’s still a subject that’s mostly taboo. Do  you talk about your period with your friends and family? You should! When we talk to  friends we’re able to learn more about our own bodies and health. 

And What is Your Period Trying to Tell You About Your Health? 

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably dealt with the monthly mood swings of  PMS. 90% of women experience some form of PMS when their period strikes, but what  exactly is it? 

Can We Define PMS? 

PMS occurs the week or two before the period begins, when women start to feel different  side effects because of the hormone changes taking place in their bodies. 

The symptoms can occur about one or two weeks before bleeding and stops when the  period begins. There are a number of different symptoms, they can range from the  physical and the emotional, including mood swings, irritability, anxiety, stress, and  gloominess. Other physical symptoms include breast tenderness, bloating, acne, and  aches. And, some women even have brain fog. Most symptoms will reoccur over time,  and women all have different symptoms. 

Some women may have severe emotional stresses or anxieties, or mood swings, during  that time of the month, but others might just experience a craving for sugar. If it messes  with your daily life, then this is considered premenstrual syndrome. 

PMS can also change as you get older. The symptoms can shift as your body continues to  change. One way to look at it is to ask if these changes cause problems with work or your  family once a month, and do they affect you in the week before your period. Then, it’s  PMS. 

So, Each of Our Cycles are Different? 

Yes! Each woman is unique in her experience with her menstrual cycle. For example, it  can even vary between sisters. The severity and the different symptoms of PMS will  change amongst all women. 

So What is My Period Trying to Tell Me When I Experience PMS? 

Your period is trying to get you to know that there are all kinds of ways we as women  experience our cycle, but there are also all kinds of new solutions. 

PMS is Now Optional with Oxaloacetate, a PMS Vitamin!

Oxaloacetate is important in energy production, glucose system support, and overall  proper cellular functioning, found in the Krebs Cycle in your body. By adding more of it  during PMS, in a Oxaloacetate PMS Supplement, we’re able to reduce the stress, anxiety,  gloominess, and irritability related to PMS! 

In Peer-reviewed clinical trials, just one month of oxaloacetate helped to significantly  relieve PMS-related mood swings. 

How Do I Find This Oxaloacetate Supplement for PMS? 

Currently, there’s only one supplement for PMS made with oxaloacetate on the market,  it’s called Jubilance for PMS.  

This supplement is actually amazing, because there are only two ingredients, oxaloacetate  and vitamin C, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Mainstream  doctors usually prescribe hormones or birth control to help stop PMS, but with Jubilance,  the oxaloacetate supplement for PMS, you can take a clinically proven supplement! 

So My Period is Actually Telling Me That There’s a Way To Stop PMS in its  Tracks? 

Definitely! With Jubilance for PMS you can find a 2 ingredient,  scientifically and doctor recommended solution for premenstrual syndrome, and with  their money back guarantee, there’s no reason not to try it. Learn more at  www.Jubilance.com.

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2 years ago

Menstrual Cycle plays a vital role in women’s life. The menstrual cycle is the monthly amount of changes a female body undergoes in preparedness. This process, known as ovulation, produces one of the ovaries per month. The uterus needs hormone modifications to prepare for pregnancy. Females undergo menstruation and egg release in a typical menstrual cycle. Cells and mucus are released from the uterus during menstrual cycles.

But it’s not always easy for women to pass these days like normal days, some women get back pain, some women get mood swings, few women are comfortable in this zone. But better you take rest, eat well and take care of your healh.

2 years ago

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