What to Do When You’re an Overly Active Person


Most of us tended to be active as children running around like mad thing, but it’s maybe a problem when becoming an adult and still having considerable energy. While having the extra energy is useful as a mother, sitting down to focus is harder to do reliably. When going back to work, an alternative career that doesn’t involve being in a stuffy office is more suitable.

Also, finding intentional ways to burn off excess physical or mental energy during the day helps you to relax in the evening.

Here are some suggestions about what to do when you’re an energetic person, so you don’t let it impact the rest of your day in a negative way.

Use the Energy Productively

Rather than waste energy on menial tasks or trivial activities like endless YouTube clips to pass the time, set your mind on making forward progress. This could be towards a future career, to learn a new hobby or to get more organised at home.

For instance, rather than using YouTube purely for entertainment, search for instructional videos on personal topics of interest and dive into that. If you can match an interest with physical activity, all for the better. Then you’re using your mind and being active to burn off energy together.

Use batching to be organised at home. Plan out tasks that need completing and do a bunch together to avoid always feeling rushed. Being stressed and doing things last minute with the kids will make you overly stressed for no reason.

Study for a New Career

Working as an OriGym assessor is a fun career choice that gets you out of the office chair and into the gym in an active role. It will certainly suit someone who prefers to get involved and not be sedentary in their job.

The NVQ Teacher Training Course is approved by the Register of Exercise Professionals in the UK, so it’s a valid way to begin to get involved in the fitness instruction and fitness training industries. Students on the course are given assistance, encouragement and soak in knowledge from helpful teachers.

Other Activities to Burn Off Energy and Stay Fit

Here are three suggestions to burn off energy and keep in shape:

  1. Playing frisbee in the garden or the park (even better!) is a great way to play with a partner, family member or with the kids. It builds up arm strength and works the shoulders out too. If you play for a half hour, you’re bound to be sore if you’ve not played frisbee much as a kid yourself.
  2. Dance classes give you a fun aerobic workout without realising it until the end when you’re shattered. They’re enjoyable – dancing to the music without the heat and discomfort of a club – and you get to work on many different muscle groups. Mix it up with various styles of dance when you need a change.
  3. Rock climbing is another social but physical activity to take up. You can personally challenge any fear of heights and learn to scale an indoor climbing wall while hooked into a safety harness to make it completely safe.

There’s plenty of ways to use your extra energy and drive for life. Not everyone is so lucky. Use the energy wisely to get the most out of it.

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