What To Do When You Receive A No Insurance Ticket in Alberta


You need to have valid insurance on your vehicle to drive it on the roads in Alberta. Not just that, if you are found driving without valid insurance in Alberta or elsewhere in Canada, you may face severe consequences, including hefty fines, other penalties, and legal complications. 

Whether or not you are aware that your insurance policy has expired, if you continue to operate your vehicle without a valid policy, you’ll be violating the law. This article will discuss the repercussions of operating a vehicle without a valid insurance policy.

Make sure you scroll down to the end to learn the definition of a no insurance ticket Alberta.

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What does the law say about getting an Alberta no insurance ticket?

Alberta has stringent laws to ensure safety for its citizens, and traffic laws do not make an exception here. Here’s what the Alberta Traffic Safety Act says about insurance requirements-

As per section 54 (1) of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, an individual cannot do any of the following unless otherwise permitted in the act-

  • You cannot operate a vehicle on a highway if the motor vehicle is not insured.
  • If you are the registered owner, you cannot allow someone to drive or take your vehicle on a highway unless it is insured.
  • You cannot lend or give the financial responsibility card or its copy to a person who is not entitled to have the card or its copy.

If you are found violating any of the above, you will be entitled to a no insurance ticket Alberta and face legal complications along with penalties and fines defined by the law.

How much is a no insurance ticket in Alberta and what are the consequences?

Ignoring your insurance premium payment is not a good idea since you’ll face severe consequences down the road for not having a valid insurance policy. As a matter of fact, not having an insurance policy will only worsen the situation when you get stopped for a driving infraction or when you meet with an accident.

Here’s why operating a vehicle without an insurance policy in Alberta is not a good idea-

  • When you are caught driving a vehicle without valid insurance for the first time, the fine may cost you as much as $10000, which is much higher than the cost of an insurance premium. Moreover, if you are caught for the same offence for the second time, the charges can go as high as $20000.
  • The minimum penalty for driving without insurance for the first and second time is approximately $2875 and $5000, respectively.
  • Apart from the above, any traffic offence you commit goes down on your driving record history. It can cause you to pay a higher than usual insurance premium for the next three years. 
  • When you are caught driving without valid insurance, the chances are that the authorities won’t let you go away with a warning. It means that your car will be impounded, i.e., they will tow away your vehicle, and you’ll have to pay the fees to get it back.
  • Although the law does not have provisions for putting someone in jail for not having insurance, failing to pay the penalties and fees can land you in a jail sentence of a minimum of 45 days, which can extend to be as long as six months!

What to do when caught driving without insurance in Alberta?

You cannot do much when you get a no insurance ticket Alberta. When your insurance expires, the right thing to do is to avoid operating your car on the roads at all costs. After this, head straight to renew your insurance policy.

Nonetheless, if you still drive without insurance, you are putting yourself and others at serious risk because, in case of an accident, you will be held liable for any damage caused. Moreover, the insurance on your vehicle ensures protection in case of an accident where someone gets injured and cannot lead a normal life after that.

However, if you get caught driving without valid insurance, the best resort will be to restore your motor vehicle insurance and produce the proof for the same in court. It cannot save you from the penalties and fines, but it may help reduce the fine as driving without valid insurance is a severe liability offence.

Moreover, it is always recommended to seek legal remedies if and when you are caught driving without valid auto insurance coverage. Seeking legal aid from an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer will help you find loopholes that can allow you to negotiate and reduce your penalty and, in some cases, dismiss all the charges.

Why should a driver in Alberta fight a no-insurance ticket?

It is pertinent to mention that insurance is mandatory for all vehicles in the province of Alberta and throughout the rest of Canada. Apart from costing you a significant amount of money, a conviction for an Alberta no insurance ticket can also lead to suspension of your driver’s license and vehicle impounding. 

Moreover, insurance companies request a driver’s abstract for the past five years, which can affect your future insurance rates for your vehicle. Therefore, by fighting your no-insurance ticket, you can minimize the fines and future insurance rates at the same time.

No insurance ticket Alberta — Endnote

The best practice to avoid hefty penalties and fines for driving without insurance on your motor vehicle is to ensure that you have valid car insurance. You will need to pay attention to your premium schedules and make timely payments for your car insurance premium.

Moreover, a valid insurance policy will save you from the legal complications and expenses that could have been incurred otherwise.

Unfortunately, when you are caught driving without insurance on your motor vehicle, you are left with no choice but to either hire an experienced lawyer or to fight and negotiate the fines in court by yourself.

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